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    Hello all. Was wondering if you guys who have the 5in ROS (R2600) have noticed it shocking you. I bought it during the 20% HD sale and now is the first time I am using it to sand down an assembly table I am working on. I also connected the sander to my Ridgid shop vac and both are plugged into the same outlet. Surely this is not normal. The sander shocks me occasionally and is not continuous. Any feedback? Thanks, Jeff

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    Is the sander itself shocking you, or is the hose on your shop vac giving you the shock? The hoses of dust collecters, or shop vacs, build up static electricity as the dust particles flow through them. If your sander is shocking you, then I do not know what to do about that.
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      The shock occurs where you hold the sander, where the on/off swithc and rubber grip is. However, not sure about the hose as I let it dangle, so don't know if I come in contact with the hose while I am sander.


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        Are you sure its not static? It would be hard to receive a shock from the sander's current unless you were touching a metal contact point, and there isn't one on the outside of the sander.

        Are the shocks short, or continous?

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          They are short shocks, as if you rub your feet on carpet and then touch a metal object, but a little higher voltage it appears. Tried the sander without the shop vac (Ridgid 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac) attached to the dust port and didn't feel any shocks, although was wearing mechanic gloves at the time. The shocking points seem to be where the bushing icons/screws on the cover are located. Thanks


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            It has to be the Shop Vac. I just bought one this weekend and when using it to vaccum up the sawdust on the floor I bumped into my table saw and got a rather large shock. I also noticed that sawdust was building up on the outside of the plastic hoses as I continued to vaccum.

            I know people talk about grounding their Dust Collection system, but is there something that can be done to avoid shocks when just using the vaccum itself?


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              Actually, I do believe its more of the shop vac (Rigid) than anything else. For some reason, if you plug the shop vac and the sander on different circuits, I don't get the shock as if I plug in the shop vac and sander on the same circuit. Strange I know, but it works for me. By the way, the 5" ROS is a pretty good sander, though this is my first sander for my new woodoworking hobby. Thanks for your help.