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Ridgid R82920 Flashlight

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  • Ridgid R82920 Flashlight

    My Ridgid 12 volt flashlight has given up the ghost. I love this little light and have been looking for a replacement. Has Ridgid stop making this light because everywhere I look it is out of stock. Not even any used ones on eBay. Anyone have they would sell. I don't need batteries as I have plenty of those.

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    What's wrong with it? Do you think it's possible to get it repaired? Not by Ridgid but by someone else.


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      That thing can't really be any more complicated than just some LED driver chip and a few passive components. Even if it was nuked, it shouldn't be too difficult to reverse that thing or just design or replace the circuit with a little more updated one. Are you sure it isn't just the LED that has gone south and that's all it needs? Send that puppy here, I'll figure out what's wrong with it.


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        Try visiting
        This is a place for flash-a-holics

        you may find some help there.

        Cactus Man