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    I was passing through the local HD yesterday, and was greeted near the lumber/contractor door by a little display of the new Ridgid portable power tools. I honestly don't remember what was on that lil display, because my attention was drawn to an endcap with a sharp-looking display of all the new portable power tools.

    Note to Ridgid's marketing folk: I fully understand wanting to keep the tools from walking away on this display, but the 6" tethers are a bit much. I picked up several of the tools and removed the holder from the pegboard with the tool every time. How about a retractible tether that allows us to pick 'em up and hold them without tearing the display apart?

    Anyway, I was favorably impressed by everything I touched (and a few things I didn't). I was at work at the time, so I couldn't play as long as I wanted -- but I still had a great time fondling the new babies. Anyone who thinks these are just recycled Ryobi's hasn't held them. There was only one of the cordless drill models mixed in with the usual stuff in the tool corral, the X2 series 18 volt model. I compared it to the comparable DeWalt model, and if I were buying that day, I'd have bought the Ridgid. in fact, I almost did buy it. Were it not for the fact that I really needed to buy a big rotary hammer, I'd have slipped one into the budget of our current project. By the time I bought a Bosch SDS-Max and 3 coring drills (non at HD -- They don't seem to think that coring drills are worth stocking) my budget was well beyond spent.

    Bottom line -- if Dewalt is the target, Ridgid's cordless drills have hit it right in the bullseye. I'll have one before long.


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    I am very anxious to touchy-feely several of the new items. Unfortunately, I'm affraid that's all I'll be able to do for quite some time. Cash flow is a big problem right now. Between diapers and formula, the only wood I can afford is pieces picked up off the loading dock at work!
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      I know what you mean John. I have a 17 month old and another due in February. It's not only the lack of money, but also the lack of time. I try to spend quality time with my son (soon to be sons or son and daughter) when I get home each night until he goes to bed. Its one of the most important things I can do for him right now.

      Reading this newsgroup is about as close to woodworking I get most days.

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        Originally posted by UO_Woody:
        Between diapers and formula, the only wood I can afford is pieces picked up off the loading dock at work!
        Just consider yourself to be working in the tradition of the Shakers... using materials that are available and emphasizing creativity and craftsmanship. Hey, you can build a lotta cool things from pallet wood, and there's a sense of satisfaction that accompanies that frugality.

        And, enjoy the diapers and formula. The shop will always be there, but the young 'uns grow up way too fast. These are precious days -- make the most of 'em and make those babies your first priority. There will be plenty of projects to make for them in a few years!

        ...and if you think parenthood is expensive now, just wait until they start to DRIVE!