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    I am going to purchase a portable table saw for my small garage workshop. I have researched the Ridgid TS2400, the Bosch 4000, and the Dewalt 744. They all seem to do similar things, but I'm not sure which one would be the best purchase.

    I have chosen this style due to the fact I will need to move the saw when I am done using it. I will not be doing any production type work (lots of repetitive cuts for a long amount of time), but am looking for a saw that will provide good results in various types of wood. Can anyone give some advice to what machine would be the best purchase option?

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    I have the saw but have not had much of a chance to use it alot yet. I looked at most everything out there and they ranged from $200-500 some on legs and others just the saw. I think this saw has a lot more substance to it than some of the others Dewalt, Bosch etc. They are rated high but for the price they seem cheezy in my book. I also bought the work-n-haul stand which is the best set up out there. You can stand the saw up on the wheels like a hand truck. You don't have to collapse the stand to move it around while you are working because the wheel are already on the ground unlike Ryobi for one. The fence is solid also. No saw in this category is going to compete head to head with a true cast iron table saw you'd have in a shop but I needed one that I can take to a job and use in my shop and this fits the bill nicely and also if you buy it before the end of January you will get a lifetime warranty not just the three year. So how can you beat it. Good Luck!


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      I have not used any other than the DeWalt. I must say that it is an excellent contractor table saw. The fence is deadly accurate with a rack and pinion design it is very easy to adjust. There is lots of power for all types of ripping. All in all I am sure that you would not be disappointed.


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        I also looked at the DeWalt, Bosch, and Ridgid, amoung others as well. I was torn between the Bosch and the Ridgid, and went with the Ridgid due to this board, and some small features that seemed nice to have to me: Ridgid has a bevel Lock, the others do not, and there were some other small user conveniences (for me personally) that I liked. I also liked the idea of the mobile cart, and was very impressed with how solid that is - like you, I need to move the saw around the garage, and this is very solid indeed. The other small piece of input - the "feel" of the saws. Both the DeWalt and the Bosch, while nice saws, just did not seem as "solid" to me. I have been very happy with the Ridgid, and even more so when they had the 20% off sale, and honored that for something I had bought a month prior (so $100 off!). The only con I have so far: accessories and parts! they are hard to find for Ridgid, and widely available for Bosch and DeWalt. Hope this helps.


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          If I had to buy a portable saw, I'd strongly consider the Ridgid just cuz I like the cart so much. Without the cart, I think there are others like the DeWalt that have very good reviews. Right now though My contractors covers all my needs so Luckily I don't have to make that decision



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            I am a contractor and have used my Rigid table saw everyday for over two years. I would strongly recomend buying one. The fence is the best around, The motor is strong, the stand works great, I could go on and on. I can't think of any reason not to buy one.


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              I used the Dewalt 744 on one house. It had plenty of power. The rack and pinion fence is quicker and easier for making fine width adjustments than a T-square, but it does load up with sawdust. Better have an air nozzle available to keep it clean. Also, it's not gorilla proof. Somehow the fence got way out of parallel during the job and needed alignment. Finally, the dust chute tended to clog without a vac connected.

              I haven't used the other 2 you mention. But, I think the soft start and blade brake on the Bosch are highly desirable features. Overall though, I have a hard time justifiying any $500 aluminum top saw. For that kind of money I'd like to see it stainless clad or nickel plated for smoother operation. The same goes for circular saw bases. A simple coating is not sufficient. The Dewalt's was quite worn after one job.

              And yes, I do own one of the old style nickel plated Hitachi's. They're great for cutting finish plywood and melamine without marking.

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                I suffer from the same problem which is a lack of space. I researched these saws several years ago, and settled on the Bosch. The Ridgid model then was not up to par with the current version.
                The DeWalt has a 13a motor and I didn't care for the fact that you have to "crank" the rack and pinion fence into or out of position, you can't just "slide it" out of the way like other saws. This left the Bosch. I have now had this saw going on three years; I build furniture and accessories for furniture stores in my area, and I have put thousands, and thousands of bf thru this saw. I recheck the accuracy every thirty days; the fence has had to be adjusted once in three years. I'm on my second set of brushes.
                I can still stand a nickel on edge on the table when this saw is running; no kidding.
                Hell of a saw; pricey? yes but I got what I paid for.

                Good Luck