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kit hammer drill vs individual purchse

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  • kit hammer drill vs individual purchse

    I'm getting the 4 pc combo kit for Christmas from my wife. FWIW I'm currently using the 18v Firestorm tools. Contrary to the opinions I've seen here they performed admirably for the cost point they're at. I would have no complaints about them but am looking to upgrade to a sturdier pro model. I noticed that the part # for the hammer drill in the kit is different from the individually purchased one. R841150 is included in the combo pack and the individual one is R841151. Is thier a difference between these two products or is the # difference only an inventory control measure? Thanks John Merry Christmas!

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    The drill that is offered individually is a rear handle hammer drill, it allows you to apply force down the center line of the drill.

    The center handle drill in the kit is probably more usefull to you.

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      Thanks mr man I spent the time to look at the specs but didn't even consider the physical shape. John