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worm drive and table saw questions

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  • worm drive and table saw questions

    frist i am in the market fo 2 worm drive saws, and really want the ridgid r3210 but have not found any reviews on them please help if you guys have used one. or should i just get the skil?? also for my own shop i want to get a small bench top table saw and i have no idea in what i reaaly want i do know they have gotten really pricey i had a makita that i got in the late 80s for about 120 now the same saw is around 250 i dont use them that often to want to spend that much money but i guess i will have to i guess i will have no choice but out of the small table top saws which one/ones do you guys like??
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    i know ryobi is kind of like junk, but one table saw i looked today is the ryobi bt3100 for it a good saw for the money, i only will be using it for small projects not 4x8 sheets or any thing even close.
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      The BT3100 usually sells for around $299. If you can pick one up for $160 and based on your other comments, I'd say go for it.
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        yes the bt 3100 is on sale this week in the upper marlboro maryland store this week for 159.99 as this is there grand opening sale the ridgid r 3210 worm drive is on sale for 89.99 also but i still would like to hear some feed back on that worm drive but for the price it is very hard to pass either one of them up right now
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          Thats a great price for a worm drive saw. For that kind of money you might consider it as you can probably sell it for that or use it as a back up.

          I always wanted a worm drive but can't rationalize the purchase of one as my circulars do just fine for me.
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            I have mentioned this before with regard to the worm gears, but since it came up again i will mention it again.

            Skil is the industry leader hands down. These saw's last forever. I picked up 2 of them at a pawn shop, they had seen a lot of use, but still run and perform like new. Some would call it a disadvantage but I consider it an advantage and that is the weight. They are heavy. This makes for straighter cuts simply because of the weight. Especially on those long rip's! The other advantage (although not as much anymore), but when I bought mine, they were the only one that I knew of with the blade on the left. I love this as being right handed it is easier to follow the line with the blade.

            Lots of folks don't like them because of the weight. To me that is a benefit.

            But I do like the older ones, they were all steel, no plastic. If you watch pawn shops you can usually get them CHEAP.

            One other thing, and I am sure it has to do with the gear is the POWER. I own a 6 3/4" and a 8 1/2" SKIL I also have the Makita hypoid 7 1/4

            While building my deck, i was using my makita as the BLUE MAX blade i could only find in that size. Anyway it blazed through most of the pressure treated no problem. Got some rain that weekend and in addition, pressure treated is wet to begin with. The makita started to bog down a bit. Pulled out that skil with a crap blade and it cut right through no problem!

            Worm Gears are awesome saws. I was turned onto them by an old carpenter friend of mine. HE had two of them, and after using one I was sold!

            They are NOT a waste of money.

            And in all honesty, In my opinion, i don't think you need a table top TS if you have a worm gear. My carpenter friend had an old true value master mechanic table top saw and he hardly used it. He swore by that worm gear!