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need advice for new TS2400LS

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  • need advice for new TS2400LS

    Hello out there. I am new to this forum and a rookie at table saw work. I recently purchased the TS2400LS and followed the manual to perform the required adjustments.

    I am not happy with the fence. It is too tight. On the display saw at Home Depot, the fence is great - hardly any effort required to slide the fence from side to side. That was the main reason why I bought the saw - I loved how slick the fence was. But, I cannot get mine to slide like the one at the store.

    I have gone over the adjustments in the manual more than once. I am very frustrated. I haven't even used the saw yet, as I am considering returning it.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions.


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    Welcome to the forum. I have never heard of the rip fence being too tight on the TS2400. If you've exhausted all remedies, before returning the saw, I'd take the fence back to Home Depot and see how it works on their display saw. Someone there should be knowledgeable on proper set up. Good luck.


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      The first thing that came to mind was that you have the rails mounted slightly lower than they should be. I'd check and see if you couldn't possibly raise them up some, there should be some play in the bolt holes.
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        Thanks for the quick response Badger Dave & SHF. I was at Home Depot yesterday looking at their display saw. I didn't notice anything different in its setup. I'll go back there today and ask for help.

        I think my rail height is OK. I adjusted them to the "8 Pages" rule as per the manual. But I will try to raise them higher to see if that works.

        I have also e-mailed Ridgid. Hopefully someone will contact me soon. One question before I go. Do you have to lubricate those rails with some type of spray?? I'm thinking "no", but I'm not sure.

        Thanks again guys!


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          Originally posted by skinny kid:

          Do you have to lubricate those rails with some type of spray?? I'm thinking "no", but I'm not sure.

          Thanks again guys!
          Johnsons paste wax on the rails and table from once a week to once a month depending on your humidity.

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