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R840088 Battery Blue Light Always on

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  • R840088 Battery Blue Light Always on

    I have two R840088 batteries and one is fine the other has the blue LED on always. It will drain the battery over a couple days. The battery works but drains. I understand this is about Bluetooth but I never did the bluetooth link. So I held down the button charged it fully, .... I can't seem to fix this issue. Any hints?

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    Sounds like it's defective ... You could get a replacement if it's under 3 yrs old or have LSA on the battery ... You could also try downloading the app .. running it to see if it shuts off the light .


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      call the ridgid Battery replacement number, tell them the blue light is on, they should replace the battery for free if under 3 year warranty or LSA.
      ive had problems with the batterys blue light not turning on or pairing, they replaced those batteries aswell.
      HEY! What does this button do?