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  • So far so good!

    Well I used my new 83015 today and I liked the performance. First job on my table today was a broken easy-out in a rusted bolt locked into aluminum. Had to drill straight with a cobalt bit. No Problems.
    I was wondering if anyone knew if this model has all metal planetary gears like the other brands boast of? and what about the warranty, does it include the charger?
    I am still trying to decide wheather or not to keep it or go back to a makita. I have to say the makitas have been bullet proof all along.
    this thing does have the power and it has no problem hanging on to those cobalt bits in a tight spot.
    Thanks ahead

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    If you're pleased with it up to this point, why would you want to return it?


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      Well I am unsure of the ridgid brand at this point. May be good but I am waiting to see. I use tools of all types on a daily basis and support is a big issue. I emailed tech support to find out what the gears are made of and no answer as of yet.
      Craftsman makes an ok hand tool but I buy mac and snap-on for support and quality reasons. I have bought all makita in the past and had no reason to stray but hopes of a better quality tool and support. We will have to see.


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        The cordless drills have steel planatary gears.


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          That makes me feel much better!


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            most all cordless have steel planitary gears. the problem is that they all have one plastic ring gear and that is what strips out in either the clutch or the transmission.


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              I own quite a few Makita tools to and was thinking at the new Makita drill to. However i bought the Ridgid because of the lifetime warranty and pass experience with Ridgid tools. So far what I have read here and in many woodworking Magazines, were always very good comments about the Ridgid tools.

              Being a mechanic by trade and into woodworking by pleasure i'm also a fan of Snap-on tools and other good brands such as Makita, Porter-Cable Delta and so on. What I like about the Ridgid tools i bought so far is they are all lifetime warranty if you buy them by december 31st 2003, so why worry?

              By the way a second drill is always helpfull so why not a Ridgid for the lifetime warranty and a Makita just because you want one. Who knows you may like your Ridgid so much to end up with a a second Ridgid tool. You will then end up with four batteries and 2 fast chargers .