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Ridgid 2400 or Dewalt 744

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  • Ridgid 2400 or Dewalt 744

    I am in the market for a portable table saw and the two choices are the Dewalt 744 and the Ridgid 2400. Majority of my power tools are Dewalt, and never have any issue with them. I also like the idea on the rack and pinion fence (it seem always impossible for its to go out of parallel with the blade), as least that what I am assuming. HOWEVER, i do like that the 2400 come with a portable friendly wheeled stand, and the tilt (bevel) mechanism seem to be more user friend than the Dewalt.

    With that being say, can anyone provide more feedback on what you didn't like about the Dewalt (if anyone have use one before), and how has your Ridgid been working out. I have been hearing a lot of feedback in the forum about how much pain it is to set it up the first time


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    My 2400 was dead on right out of the box, stand makes it very easy to haul to the jobsite, fence has never let me down, I am not building anything that requires precision but it seems to be pretty accurate, I even like the blade that came with the saw. switch is a little hard to find but other than that I love the saw. Accessories are easy to get on-line at the ridgid website and they have a good variety. I looked at the dewalt but for me I thought the 2400 was built better, I found a orange 2400 on sale at HD for $299 and got a $50 gift card as well. Can't go wrong fot that price. Good luck, both saws will do you right. great machines


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      When and which Home Depot did you saw the saw for $299? My HD is selling its for $499!


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        I have the DW and the two things I like are the Rack and pinnon design that you mentioned for the fence and then I also like the the on/off switch. It is very easy to get too as well as at the right height that I can cut the saw off with a bump of the leg so both hands can stay the wood


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          Placement of the on off switch should be an important factor. I was watching the health channel tonight and they had a story of a surgeon that was a do it yourselfer. He rested his left hand on a piece of wood on the table as he bent over to shut off the saw. His hand on the wood slipped right into the blade. Lost 3 pieces of fingers (nearly half of his index finger) and the fouth sustained a serious cut. The story line was his recovery to return to surgery once again.

          If the saw can't be bumped off with the knee I would look else where.
          Rev Ed


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            Originally posted by Trent:
            I was in line last night at HD and a gentleman was purchasing a TS-2400 with stand and was having a fit about the price, he said the tag was marked 299, The manager looked at it and said to let him have it, I took the shot and said I wanted one also, three saws left HD within 5 minutes at $299, orange base, stand included. I am a happy man.


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              Was that in Granbury, Trent? I'm right up the road from you in Benbrook.

              Is that an actual sale price, or did someone just browbeat a manager into that price? If three of them left the store for $299, I imagine that manger is looking for new employment.

              If you can't find them on sale at HD, Cummins sells recos for $359. I've got my eye on an HD due to move in a couple months, hoping to score a decent TS and DP. Already outfitted my "shop" with the grey BS, planer and jointer for just over $500, sweet! Dunno if I want to break my color scheme with any orange tools, though.


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                On other thought, Dominic: If you're more concerned with cost than durability, the Ryobi BTS20 is about like a consumer-grade TS2400, similar mobile base. It actually has about the deepest cut of any 10" TS, 3 5/8", I believe. It's not as heavy-duty as the DW or Ridgid, but if you're buying for a home shop and won't be hauling around to jobsites, it should do about as well and sells for less than 1/2 the other two.


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                  I am not worry about the price (within reason), but more worry about portability and how accurate is the fence. Most of what I do is rough framing and novice wood working. However, being a rookie, the more accurate the piece I am cutting, the less chances the final product will be off. I do have to say the ts2400 fence is pretty tight compare to a less generic cheaper saw. I just want a saw that can give me a true straight cut 99.9% of the time. With that being say, since the Dewalt use a rack and opinion style fence, I am under the assumption (which I can be wrong) that it is always impossible for the fence to go untrue.

                  I also have heard that the coating on the Dewalt table top is not that durable, and I have to agree that the ts2400 does seem to be a bit better build that the dewalt. As far as the poor power switch placement on the ts2400, I could live with that short coming. So only issue or decide I need to make is to find out if the fence design on the ts2400 is as good as the Dewalt.


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                    manager is still there but tool/hardware department mgr is gone, not because of the saw but because of the complaints to the mgr of the store about poor attitude. as of now the store does not have a true tool mgr so things are in a big mess.
                    It was not a sale they just marked dowm a floor model(grey) and did not make it clear that it was the discontinued model that was on sale, just a big sign that said" ridgid 2400 10 table saw $299" so the mgr honored the sign and gave it to us for that price. Jake, yes I am down the road in Granbury.
                    I looked and researched the dewalt and in my opinion the ridgid is a more user friendly with rolling stand and easy on and off guard and I am a rookie and the fence is great, not a problem getting accurate cuts. I get lots of oooohs and ahaaas when I roll the 2400 and my 12" cms attached to the MSUV off the trailer at a jobsite, I get rolled off and set up while most everyone else is lifting their stuff out of the truck, real neat and easy to use.


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                      I had been looking for a table saw for my small shop and wanted something portable. The DeWalt caught my eye with the very slick rack and pinion fence adjustment, so I bought one. After a week I decided it was not worth $500 and returned it and bought a 2400LS.

                      The 2400LS was very accurate right out of the box. The fence is certainly as accurate as the DeWalt and is much beefier and has T-slots, not found on the DeWalt. It also has a thumb wheel for fine adjustments. I recall a post several months ago where a 2400LS owner complained that the fence was not very accurate and when ripping a 24" long board, the cut was off by .005"!!! I'll take that accuracy any day.

                      The 2400LS has on-board storage for the fence, miter guage, blade guard, blades, wrenches, and power cord. The blade guard is also very easy to remove/install with just one knob. The DeWalt requires removing 2 screws and is a nightmare. The saw dust port on the 2400LS works very well when hooked to a shop vac.

                      The DeWalt has a better positioned on-off switch than the 2400LS and the fence adjustment is pretty neat. The coating on the DeWalt table is not very durable and after a week of use was badly scratched. The 2400LS has a very heavy-duty mobile stand compared to the very flimsy legs on the DeWalt.

                      If you were to compare the two saws side-by-side you would see that there really is no comparison. The 2400LS is physically bigger, heavier, and has many innovative features not found on the DeWalt.

                      For someone doing craft work where portability and light weight is paramount, then the DeWalt would probably fill the bill.


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                        SHF, your last comment and all of the feedback I got so far from people in this forum has been priceless. You last summary basically wrap up all the questions I have and I am going with the ridgid versus the dewalt. The only worry I have was the negative comment I read from one of the member here about how his fence was out of true when he was got it (i think you read the same posting as me). But after all the positive comments i been hearing here, I feel a lot better about the reliable of the fence