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Looking at purchasing a TS3650 - Will aftermarket accessories fit this model?

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  • Looking at purchasing a TS3650 - Will aftermarket accessories fit this model?

    Hey folks; Thanks for your time. I'm looking at purchasing the TS3650 while they have the $50 off and $100 in store credit. I would like to use some after market items I've picked up over the years that would generally be used on other saws such as Jet, Delta, etc. but was concerned that items such as:

    - Miter gages such as Accu-Miter Miter Gauge or Osborne

    - Dado Blades such as Freud

    - Fence upgrade (already have it) to a Biesmeyer Commercial fence

    Might not work with the Ridgid. Any help on this would be appreciated, as the folks at out local HD aren't too keen on the saws features and there isn't one on the HD floor to checkout.

    Anything else you might think I need to be aware of in this area would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Bink - I'm not an owner of this saw, but I'm pretty sure it's standard size and that the Biese will fit it. I also believe the miter slots are standard t-types so those should work too. The dado should work but you may need to make an insert b/c it doesn't come with one and some people have had trouble finding Ridgid supplied inserts.


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      Thanks, Hewood. I thought they probably would, except perhaps for the fence - would be nice if it would, though I understand that the fence provided with the Ridgid is pretty good. Thanks Again...Bink


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        Yes an after makret fence will fit the ridigd.
        Andy B.


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          Thanks again, everyone. Bink