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Problem w/12" ridgid miter saw

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  • Problem w/12" ridgid miter saw

    I just pick up this saw, seemed like a good deal It's a 12" single compound. I went the start making a large face front for a cabinet, and it doesn't cut a good 45 either way I slide the table, I used my speed square to check the wood and it's off about 1/8" on the long side of the 45. what do I do with this?

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    Have you read the alignment section of the manual? You may also want to verify the accuracy of your speed square


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      Are you factoring in the kerf of the blade when making your cuts? One other point to consider, if your Ridgid CMS is the one with the laser, the laser line WILL NOT be your actual cutline.
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        I agree with wbrooks. First, make sure that your square is square.

        Only after you have done that, ensure that your saw is properly tuned/aligned according to the manual. I had to do a few fine adjustments on my Ridgid 12" when I got it. Now I have the older one before the manufacturer changed but I'm sure that the new one is just as good when it comes to tuning the saw. Once you get everything aligned, it should be right on the mark. Mine is perfect. What's more, I haven't had to retune it since I bought it and I've used it a lot.

        I went through two expensive Craftsman 12" CM saws that were absolute junk. I had received one as a gift. When I assembled it, the lock-down knob didn't touch the table so I couldn't lock it down at an angle that wasn't in one of the detents. I took it back and swapped it for another. The cast iron fence was warped! Impossible to keep aligned. My lovely wife gave me the Ridgid that year for Christmas and I've been happy ever since. It is now parked on my Ridgid MSUV.


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          I agree, I have 12" saw and only had to make 1 adjustment and it was so small you hardly noticed but the fine tuning was rather easy I just followed the owners documents. I also have had a craftsman 12" saw and I sold it at a garage sale,worst saw I have owned but I am sure others disagree. My only dislike is the laser, really useless since it does not line up with your mark.


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            Sorry to hear this guys, My 1290LZ 12" Laser is actually, DEAD ON.