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crodless recipricating saw

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  • crodless recipricating saw

    Ridged needs to sell the cordless resp. saw by its self i have the 18volt x2 cordless drill gun, and i would like to get the cordless recp. saw but you can only get it in the 18volt kit, but scence i already have the gun it is pointless for me to but the whole kit and have 2 guns... and i work for a large electrical company, and i know many people who would like the saw by its self even if it was at an inflated price....
    Josh Buoni
    (pavletich electric and communications)

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    Especially since folks are having problems with the zaw saw. I have read nothing but good posts so far about the drill. I don't like the clunking brake, but most if not all owners posts I've read are fairly happy with their drills.

    However, I have not yet read a good post about the zawsaw. Recently, I read a thread on this website or on woodnet forums

    Where the shaft kept breaking. Were other posts in the same link that had similar problems. Sounds like they have a bug they need to workout on the "zawsaw" as it was named in the Chat thread. May want to do a search for others opions.

    If you come to similar conclusion as I did, may want to buy another brand for this particular tool.



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      i did i went with the ryobi (or however you spell it) havnt had to use it yet but a few people i work with say its a great saw, especialy for the price