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HD gift certificate / rebate...any one get it yet?

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  • HD gift certificate / rebate...any one get it yet?

    sent in my rebate for in early august...
    after i bought my ts 3650.

    havent got anything back yet...

    anyone else got anything?

    [ 09-21-2004, 06:19 PM: Message edited by: rube ]

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    Bought my 3650 about the same time. No rebate yet.


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      Sent my rebate in 7-15-04 and have not received it. Just called them and they said it would be going out in the next mailing... about 2 weeks from now.


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        Does anyone have the number you can call to check the status of your rebate? I didn't make a copy of mine stupidly and of course HD doesn't have any of them still around. I called a number on one of the current rebate forms for another deal but they said they were the wrong fulfillment center. THey gave me a number, but when I called they said they didn't have me on their system. I sent the rebate about a month and a half ago, and needless to say im getting rather irritated at this moment.


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          i sent mine in the last day that you buy the saw in order to recive the rebate followed all the directions very very carefully and sent the rebate in the next mornigh before the date that i had to be posted mark by ... where the he** is my HD card

          IF you actually recived the rebate please take a moment to tell us so i can actually relive some fustration
          Thank you, orangeman


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            I have a copy of my rebate form but it does not have any contact information other than the mailing address. Does anyone know the phone number to contact the fulfillment center? I emailed Ridgid and am awaiting a reply (although I'm not expecting their customer service will know since rebates are probably handled through the marketing department).


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              Just got off the phone with the RIDGID people. I purchased a crap load of RIDGID woodworking power tools in August and sent in the Receipts and UPC codes with the rebate form at the end of August.

              There was over 10,000 purchasers who have submitted their rebate forms during the promotion. I gave them my name, and they verified my address along with the 3 Home Depot gift cards that are being sent with the value amount. The number I called was:


              I guess they are sending them out this week. Will update when I actually get them in the mail.

              Hope this helps.



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                Thanks Swede.

                I called Ridgid today and received this response:

                They are having three mailings all together.
                1) Already went out
                2) This is the one that is going out this week
                3) Going out in 4-6 weeks.

                I was told that I was in group #3. I sent in my rebate form on September 4th or 5th so it makes sense that I am in the last group.

                Oh well, I guess I'll go ahead and buy that Porter Cable compressor combo kit now--I was waiting until my gift cards came in but I don't think I can wait any longer


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                  it takes a lot of patience and perseverance...


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                    Mailed mine the day before the deadline and got my $100 gift card yesterday--29 Oct.


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                      My card came in the mail yesterday. It was in an envelope with nothing else with it. Guess it is time to go to HD before the card burns a hole in my pocket! (bg)


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                        got mine the 29th


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                          Mailed mine 7/14/04, finally came either 10/30 or 11/1/04. Time to get in on the porter cable mail in tool deals.