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Wanted: granite "plug" from core drilling

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  • Wanted: granite "plug" from core drilling

    I'm in the US. For research, I need a granite "plug" (core). By "plug" I mean the cylindrical round thing that falls out of a slab on the floor, after drilling (it's normally thrown away). It can be small, 1-2" diameter, 1-4" long. I'm interested in both plugs from hand-held drilling and stand-mounted drilling (with diamond core drills). Can someone in the US, who core-drills in granite. save one (or more) for me and send me private message? I'll pay for shipping to me. Thanks

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    welcome to the group.

    I've done some research on ancient Egyptian environments as well as Incas and other civilizations. some of those civilizations have used core drilling technology into granite thousands of years ago, but that technology can't be found. just something interesting that doesnt have a legit explanation
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      There are companies the specialize in concrete cutting and hole boring. You might look some of them up online and shoot them an email. Also outfits that do granite countertops.

      Another possibility would be a company the does granite steps on large buildings. They probably bore small diameter holes to set railings on granite steps. The slugs might be right up your alley.

      The last possibility I can think of would be companies that manufacturer memorial stones and grave markers.

      Do you really need a round slug from a core bore or just a chunk of granite?

      I would guess that most here would be boring through concrete or maybe a granite countertop which is not going to yield you a very thick slug. But you never know.

      If you'd asked this question about 40 years ago I could have helped you. My family had a monument company for over 100 years. There was plenty of granite laying around the shops in dozens of colors from all over the World.
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        I would suggest visiting a granite countertop fab place. They should be able to give you a plug from drilling holes for faucets. The holes are typically 1-3/8" in diameter.

        Countertops are typically either 2cm and 3cm in thickness. On the west coast 2cm is popular whereas 3cm is popular on the east coast - at least it used to be. I fabbed my own granite countertops and vanities and a bunch of other granite stuff many years ago so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. Since 3cm is just over 1" in thickness maybe find a place that works with 3cm granite slabs and ask them for a plug from drilling faucet holes.


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          Like others have mentioned, core drilling concrete is different than core drilling a granite countertop or floor. Concrete core bits I have up to 12'' x 14'' depth. but when it comes to granite, typically it's just for a faucet hole that's 1 3/8'' OD and just over 1'' ID approx 3/4'' thick.

          Plenty of fab shops that work with stone that can probably supply you.

          Out of interest, what do you need to the samples for?

          phoebe it is