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  • tool assistance this time please.....

    Ok, firsts I really need to once again thank you for the wonderful advice so far, I surely would have used the wrong sized nail (which I might have gotten away with). But I would have used the wrong nails for sure – and that would have been a costly mistake ! I visited home depot last night and looked into ACQ rated nails – I think they were called Hot-Dipped Galvanized….as usual no one was there to help me – so I am planning on trying again this evening (I couldn’t wait last night….I pick up the kids at daycare…)

    Now – my new question. I want to pick up the finish nailer….are there a difference in nailers? I see some say round head nails, split head nails and then finishing nails. I am really confused with all that. When I construct my railing I do not want to see nail heads – I think the original deck was made with finishing nails, at least the few nails I pulled don’t appear to have a head.

    The spindles of the railing go straight up and down – on the top is a flat 1x4 (perfect size to sit a beer on). That 1x4 will be nailed straight down into the spindles – as an end product it will be painted white. What is the correct nail to do that job with? I suppose a 2” finishing nail with no head should be good right? Can I buy the Rigid or Porter Cable Finishing Nailer for this job (and is one better than the other)? They are $180 at Home Depot – I am really watching costs on this project and don’t want to buy this if it’s the wrong tool. I planned on a $250 tool budget, and a $100 beer budget – together they beat the estimated contractor labor charge by nearly 10 fold so I suppose the price is right if it’s the right tool for the job.

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    IMO finish nails do not have the holding power required to keep wood from twisting and curling in outdoor projects. I would also be concerned if you have young ones on the deck and they could easily pop out a spindle that is held by finish nails. I would use the big gun loaded with 2 - 2.5" ring shank nails to hold the spindles or you could use the finish nails to hold the wood until the outdoor waterproof glue dries (titebond 3).


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      I was afraid of that being the answer. Ok then, what is a ring shank? Does that mean a round nail head? So then I need to sink them a bit and kit it with some wood putty prior to painting?


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        I decided to run over to the HD around me here at work. I picked up 2 3/8 Hot Dipped Galvanized for my framing gun – I suppose I’ll set it to sink the head a tad and then fill it in with wood putty. I just hope these don’t split my wood when I construct the railing.

        I saw that you really can’t get a smaller nail rated for ACQ lumber. When this deck was originally built the rotten bastages built it with untreated pine and had a much better selection in terms of fasteners than I am faced with. I thank you for the insight – I will post a picture or two once I get moving on it. I am sure I will have a boat load of more questions.