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    oh, to answer the charger question, i like it. I hung it on my wall with all of my others, and it seems to be a high quality charger. even with my moderate use, i only have to charge those huge 19.2 volt batteries every 1-2 weeks. (P.S., the 19.2 volt drill isnt great for general shop work, it is way to heavy, i like my 9.6, 12, and 14.4 volt drills for the shop work. However the circ. saw is great for shop work, as in breaking down sheet goods. My corded circ. saws are gathering cobwebs!)


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      Has anybody used the new Hitachi 3.0 AH 4 piece combo kit? The drill has 550 in lb of torque.It weighs 5.5 lb. It has a circular saw and a recip saw,and a light I don't know about the other tools.
      I bought and returned the 18v drill(no hammer function) and I found that it had a very good feel,a nice handle,a nice ratcheting metal chuck
      and lots of power. It looks like a pro grade tool.
      It's charger is a dual 1/2 hr. Lowes sells them for $ 487.00. I didn't buy one because I like my Bosch combo and the jigsaw. It's worth looking into.
      As far as the Ridgid combo their biggest downfall is their short runtime. (Best is 2.0ah)
      I would look for a minimum of 2.4ah. Their product is also unproven.


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        I just got my Ridgid 4 pack yesterday. I have used the heck out of it today and I love it. I obviously haven't used it like others who have had theirs for a while, but I like the recip. saw. To be perfectly honest, this is the first recip saw I have ever owned, so that can be taken with a grain of salt. [img]smile.gif[/img] But, I used it to cut a 4'' hole for my bathroom vent I was installing. It went through the siding, 3/4'' plywood without a problem.

        I have to agree with others about the drill. I am SO amazed bewteen the difference of my 14.4 Craftsman and this one. Like comparing a plastic toy shovel and a D9 Catepiller.

        I also have a Porter-Cable 12v and one time drilling through some steel, it smoked like a chimney! Thought I burnt it up, but still works..

        Paul V. I thought the flashing is xenon?


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          Got the Hitachi $299 Lowe's combo. Batteries are only 2.0 AH.

          Circ saw works great, better than the older DeWalt model. Reciprocating saw is decent as well. It has a pretty good feel to it, but I wish the battery was at the end of the saw, attached horizontally, instead of attaching at the bottom of the saw. I think this would give it better balance, but I could be wrong. I used a Craftsman recip. saw with the battery pack in the back end and it seemed to have better balance, but it could have been several things. The two saws are the same models that are in the $479+ combo lowes has now.

          The drill....this is the week part of the set, and the reason it is priced $200 under the big names. The more expensive combo has a hammer drill with more power/torque. The one is this combo is not a hammer drill, and only has 375-400 lbs of torque. However, since I have an impact driver it is sufficient for my needs.

          The bag is great. I actually like it more than the hard cases. I thought I would hate it, but like that you can throw other things in the bag with room to spare.

          As previously stated, batteries are only 2.0AH. The more expensive combo has 3.0AH. Replacement batteries are like $85 at Lowe's!!! WTF?????? For a 2.0AH battery??? Also, the more expensive combo has a nice feature - plug in the tool or battery pack while it recharges!! However, this feature is useless if you have to have cordless for obvious reasons.

          Overall, for my needs this combo was priced right (actually paid less than $200 on clearance).


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            Hi All

            Has anybody ever tested any of the Hilti range of power tools? are they any good? as they seem to be very expensive to me, compared to Dewalt, Ridgid, Milwaulkee, Makita tools.

            Thanks All....