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TP13002 Planer Compatibility

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  • TP13002 Planer Compatibility

    Greetings all, I recently purchased an older TP13002 planer and need to change out the inner and outer feed rollers. Searching for replacements turn up nothing as all I have found are discontinued parts.
    The parts I am needing are the 828938 out-feed roller and the 827692 in-feed roller.
    I noticed on one site that it shows that these parts would work with the R4330.
    Does anyone know definitely if these parts are interchangeable or not?
    If not, any suggestions as to where I may find the parts I need?
    Thank you!

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    I don't know, but have you tried to call Ridgid Technical Support or perhaps one of their authorized service centers?

    Sorry I don't have a direct answer,



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      Have you tried cleaning the old ones with some mineral spirits? A good cleaning may bring them back to life. Cleaning both the rollers and cleaning and waxing the table might work. Unfortunately I doubt if you'll find a source for these parts unless used parts would be OK with you. You may try eBay, Facebook, or craigslist for someone parting out a TP1300.
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        I haven't torn into the planer to the extent of pulling the rollers yet but was hoping to have a couple of them on hand just in case. I've searched Amazon, Ebay and have been keeping an eye on Craigslist and Marketplace but nothing so far. Appreciate the input.


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          you should be able to clean the rollers without removing them.

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