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Let's face it a lifetime is a long warranty

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  • Let's face it a lifetime is a long warranty

    Hey everybody I just bought my 18V 4 pack and just because I can't stand the down time with a tool I use every day! I know a warranty is only is good as the service, so I researched around town to find out that, there are two service centers in town that will honer the ridgid "lifetime service agreement". So when my tool breaks down I don't get pissed off and freak out, or waste my time at home depot just to find out they can't help me. I drop it off to the place I found tell them to fix it and pick it up when it's ready. SOUNDS SIMPLE RIGHT, well I hope that I never have to go there, but i'm only 34 yrs old and a lifetime is a lot better than 3 yrs. So after reading this I hope alot more people will be proactive as well so you save yourself some grief latter. THIS MIGHT EVEN HELP PEOPLE DECIED IF THEY WAN'T A RIDGID TOOL if they find out the neerest place for service is to far away and they have to mail it.


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    Alot of what you had to say is good info. The reality though is that many are not nearly as fortunate as you are when it comes to availability of authorized service centers. This is one area that Ridgid still needs to do some work on as they have not setup nearly enough service centers. In my case, I have to drive 140+ miles round trip if I need service and its not like I live in the boonies. I own tools by many different mfgs. and the only one that I can't get serviced locally is Ridgid.
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      Good points for sure. But, even if there are one or more service centers in your immediate area, you still face the problem of parts availability. I'm not sure if that is still a problem, but up to a few months ago, repair parts still seemed to be a major concern.

      Nice ot know that there may be a service center down the road a bit, but it doesn't make a lot of difference whether is waits 20 miles away for a part or 200 miles away. Fortunately, I don't use the tools for a living, but if I did, I think parts availability and service turn-around would be major factors in my decision to buy a particular brand. Hopefully Ridgid's reputation has improved over the last year.


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        I was reading on Ridgid's website that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

        Normal wear and tear indicates to me, chargin batteries, worn clutch (Wearable part)...etc

        I am right in expecting to never have to buy another battery? My local home depot told me this was the case, but now I wonder?


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          I think you are reading the standard 3-year warranty info. Here is the link to the "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement":

          Please take note that you need to register your particular Ridgid tool. The "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement" is contingent on your registration, and therefore the "incentive" to do so. NO registration, NO "Agreement" and you will just have your 3-year warranty!

          If you read the particulars of the "agreement" you will clearly see that it says wear parts and "batteries" and cites some examples.

          Hope this helps,



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            I have a Ridgid jointer and planer. They both have a 3yr. warranty which is worthless to me. If I need a repair during the warranty period I have to take the tool (200-300lbs.) to HD and they ship it off to a repair center. I like both tools but I won't buy another large Ridgid tool because of the warranty. If I have a problem with one of my Delta tools I call Delta and they ship a new part and I've never had to wait more than 2-3 minutes to talk to a Delta tech. The same is true of my Craftsman hybrid saw. Ridgid tools are a good value but quality of HD's customer service has is not as high as it was just a few years ago.


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              Originally posted by I-9:
              .........If I need a repair during the warranty period I have to take the tool (200-300lbs.) to HD and they ship it off to a repair center.............
              I-9, you might want to reread the Ridgid Warranty and the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. Authorized Service Centers take care of warranty and service issues not HD. If you have an issue with a Ridgid tool in the first 90 days of ownership, HD will exchange it for a new one or refund your money but they don't do warranty claims. At least not the ones around here anyway.
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                There are no authorized svc. centers here. HD doesn't repair the tools but they do ship them off to the repair site. I bought my jointer and planer back when the only warranty available (according to HD) was the 3yr. and 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Delta has a local service center here but it's easier for me to just get a new part if I can do the repairs myself. I have an extended on site warranty on my Craftsman saw but Calling Craftsman for the parts and doing the repairs myself if I can is probably quicker.


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                  here is the link i refered to in my earlier post. it is not for the 3 year warranty, it is for the lifetime.

                  please note:

                  "What is not covered:

                  Failures due to misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. RIDGE TOOL shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages."

                  Obviously, If "normal wear and tear" are not covered, this warranty is useless.

                  I hate being deceived!!



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                    CUTiger, that warranty covers products that are manufactured by Emerson/Ridge Tool/RIDGID not the tools that are made FOR Emerson by TTI/OWT. You are not being deceived at all. CWSmith provided you with a link to the Lifetime Service Agreement which is an agreement not a warranty. Click on his link and read it, the clouds will then go away.
                    Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.