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9" table saw

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  • 9" table saw

    I have a old 9" table saw, Can't find blades anymore. What are the chances of using a 10"
    blade if I don't raise the blade all the way?

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    If you're looking for a combo blade, Freud has a 9" Model LU84R009, 40T, .126 kerf, with a 10° hook angle and Perma-Shielf coating. Go to 9" Saw Blade and click on saw blades at Power Tool Accessories. You'll find this blade on the second page and Woodworkers Supply offers it for $50. Freud also has many other types of 9" blades available.

    If Freud makes 9" blades then I'm sure other mfgs. have them available also. You may have to special order though.
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      There are lots of 8 / 8 1/4" blades out there also. I used them in my old Delta 9" contractors saw.