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3650 sidewall buckled.

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  • 3650 sidewall buckled.

    I was taking my 3650 apart to take it to the service center for the arbor replacement when I noticed the sidewall, by the tilt wheel, was bowed out, and crumpled at the bottom. Has anyone had this problem before? I am assuming this is from raising and lowering with the herculift, I have not put anything heavy on the saw that would have caused this problem.

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    Have you had any problems with the bevel adjust wheel? The threaded rod attaches to the side wall and if you force it, it "could" cause such a problem, but you'd really have to crank on it.


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      No real problems with the wheel it was never tight, or hard to turn.


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        I can imagine my wife (have you got kids?) checking out this big new toy for safety issues when I was away, and cranking away on that bevel adjust to see how it worked.


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          No kids but we have had a few large get togethers at the house. Maybe someone was playing around with it. It hass been in the shop for 3 weeks waiting for Ridgid to ship a new base.


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            I didnt have the angle set screw adjusted to zero and kept trying to force it(not even that hard really),this bukled mine.I got out the old manual and readjusted it to zero and no problems.