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best power tool you own...and why

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  • best power tool you own...and why

    Am a contractor. Handyman and full reno's. Best power tool I light the Ridgid jobmax. In one (large) bag...I can carry just about every power tool I need for just about any job I do. And...most of them are pretty decent tools. Nothing else comes close. Versatility 10 /10. Portability 10 / 10. Durability 10 / 10. Sure...some of the individual tools don't quite match up to this or that...but just see how much space, and time, and effort (and MONEY $$$$$) it takes to get all your stuff to most job sites. The jobmax does it all in one trip and one hand.

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    EVERY contractor I know who uses this tool says it's their favorite...and yet...Ridgid has discontinued it. Why?...regrettably conspiratorial...but the jobmax very obviously replaces numerous single-purchase tools. Which may be why no one else builds anything like it either. To put it simply (and cynically)...there is simply lots more money to be made selling individual tools. When it comes to convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, durability, etc....the jobmax wins every time. When it comes to industry profits...the jobmax loses.