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    Limiting your smoking places is a very good start and even if you go no further, I don't care what the reports say---if you're smoking less, that has to help.

    As to sawdust----check it out on either the Fed. OSHA site ( or NIOSH. It's been a listed carcinogen for a long time---plus certain species, such as western red cedar have high levels of toxic affects. This is all in addition to those who have sensitivities to other species, regardless of whether they are toxic or no.


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      i do have i plan to stop smoking and will take me a year to do it the way i have it planned
      Keep at it "oldslowchevy". Any reduction, and any plan to reduce is better than nothing.


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        There are not enough people loyal enough to buy "Made in the USA" products to support any company manufacturing tools in the USA. It's all in Mexico, China, or somewhere else. At least a bunch of Bosch stuff is still made in Germany and Switzerland. I know a bunch of people will kick and scream about how "pro-USA" they are and that's great, but price is king and people buy the made in china Ridgid over a made in USA Bosch (circular saws, for now) over a difference in price and some phantom-warranty. Just my two cents.
        I don't work for Ridgid and I don't work for Home Depot but I likely know more about both than someone who works at either.


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          While it is true that most people buy the cheaper brands that happen to be made in china or mexico. The smart people WHEN THEY CAN AFFORD it will go for the better quality tools even if it costs more. I don't have all the great power tools i want to have but for now with the chance of my tools being stolen on the job. I won't buy something to enticing to use at work.
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            Originally posted by daveferg:
            </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by papadan:
            </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by daveferg:
            Agree with most of what you said----BUT, if you think the answer to failing cordless tool is to buy corded----you're simply buying the wrong cordless tools.
            Dave, he is referring to a corded as maybe the guy can't tear it up as easy. His problems are not the tool, the operator. LOL </font>[/QUOTE]Uh---PapaDan---LYAO for all I care---you missed the point----chalking up all the complaints about Ridgid Cordless to abuse is totally off the wall. Is it abuse when one of their charges smokes? Or--their batteries won't hold a charge?

            I think people have a perfect right to voice this disapproval if one line of tools isn't up to snuff. Ridgid puts out some really nice tools---but with their rapid line expansion over the last two years----you'd have to be in LaLa land to believe that every single tool is a winner.
            </font>[/QUOTE]Sorry Dave, but I do understand all of this. Every brand of everything has some bad apples. Not a problem. The point of OSC post was the guys who claim to go through 5 in a month and talk about what junk they are. Very possible to get a bad one, less likely to get a second. But 4-5 in a row means the guy is abusing the hell out of them. His point was maybe a corded would hold up a little better for a guy like that. If 10,000 chargers a year go up in smoke, it is still only 1% of the million a year they sell. Not bad percentages
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