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  • 18 Month Review

    When I bought my Rigid 18v 3 pc. combo I mentioned here i would report back and give a report in a year or so. I bought during the lifetime warranty promotion. Well im back and want to give an 18 month review. Let me say I have used the tools lightly for residential stuff, they have not been beaten or used daily by any means, They still look new. To be honest I really like the stuff but I do have a few complaints and now a problem.

    Bottom line is I pretty much never use the flashlight, it works good but it basically just takes up room in the stupid bag. The batteries have good longetivity and the charger works fine and fast. The circular saw is nice, feels more quality like over my 18v Dewalt saw. Doesnt turn as many RPM's as the Dewalt which sucks, always sounds like its bogging but cuts good. The soft aluminum base gets hung up on screws or nails if they are exposed a little bit, very annoying. The drill has done everything asked of it and feels extremely powerful, you can not stop the chuck with your hand, it will bust almost any fastener if you over do it and it is a heavy M'fer. More drill than I need. The other night I was carefully seating a 2" deck screw and when the drill loaded as the screw seated a big puff of smoke cam out of the vents in the back and the drill died. I found that that battery is totally dead and wont charge or anything, the drill refused to work for a while then when using the other battery it only works on high speed, no chuck movement for 3/4 of trigger pull then full speed. So I go into HD to see what they will do and two totally brainless guys mull it over and decide its not their problem and i will need to take it somewhere to get it fixed. And no, they dont know where the service center is. They said "go online and you can look it up". Thanks for nothing you jackasses. I tried another HD and they said bring it in and we will send it out and either get it fixed or replace it.

    So my feelings? well I gave up my Dewalt stuff for the Rigid, I used Dewalt and Porter Cable for 10 years prior and never had an issue other than batteries that gave out. I feel somewhat put out that im already having a problem and at this point kinda wish I would have bought new Dewalt at the time. Sounds like they will stand behind it but im the one who has to run around, deal with idiots, put my deck job on hold, wait for repair or whatever. So im dissapointed. Looks like they will cover it but at what amount of BS. Im not a big Dewalt fan either but the tools never failed me.

    Canton, MI

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    Recently I had a problem with a Ridgid battery, I called up
    Rigid, spoke to a nice lady, explained my story, she asked where I lived, and she gave me two choices on where to drop off the old battery and pick up a new one (free), I verified this by calling
    the tool repair center and they said, "bring it in and we'll give you a new one" So I went there three days later and they gave me a new battery without a hassle.


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      I dropped the drill off last night. The manager started mentioning about they would contact me if the repair would cost over $60. I had to remind them it had a lifetime warranty, i have a reciept and the flier they had out at the time. They said plan on a week, we will see what happens.


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        I'll throw in my 6 month review for my 4pc combo kit.

        Flashlight: Love it. I use it a ton. I think it is the best designed flashlight that comes with a cordless set (you know, how DeWalt, Ryobi, Bosch, and all the other ones have their own signature flashlight).

        Drill: Waaaaaaaaaaay too heavy. BUT, it'll do anything you ask it to do. I never thought I'd need a hammerdrill, but after setting some tapcons in brick I was amazed. The chuck does wobble some, and this can annoy me, but....oh well.

        Circular Saw: Again, the best design out of all the cordless sets. Very nice. I never thought I'd need a rip fence, but that's changed! The only thing, is that it does seem to turn too slow. I have an older corded Skil that screams at like 5800 rpm, and compared to the Ridgid's 2500 or so, there is a big difference. The motor could use more power. Also, it seems to eat batteries faster than any of the tools...(although I would automatically assume that it would consume the most power, so I'll give it that).

        Recip Saw: A little heavy, but seems every bit as beefy as my corded DeWalt, and absolutely monsterous when held next to a cordless DeWalt. It screams and will cut anything.

        The whole bag setup was a joke to me, and besides, I keep them in a toolbox in my truck. They've seen some use, and have held up well. I just hope that 3 years from now I can say the same thing. For the money, though, ($360 on sale at HD) I feel like I got just as good as if not better than the $500 DeWalt set that I'd been eyeing for a while.

        RIDGID: Give me an 18v impact and I'll be thrilled! A cordless grinder could be cool, too.


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          Well to follow up, I got the drill back, no charges of anykind. Seems to work like it did. So yes, they fixed it for free, I was without the drill for 10 days. So they honored the warranty but im a bit bummed i had to use it so soon.