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TS3650-Rail Question/Problem

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  • TS3650-Rail Question/Problem

    Hello All,
    I have just finished putting the TS3650 together, and I am currently fine tuning it.
    In the Operators Manual, page 33, section "Aligning Rip Fence Guide Bars", it states "Open operator manual so that 8 pages are separated from the rest of the book..."

    Here is the problem:
    The rear rails have a limit as to how HIGH they can be adjusted. They cannot be adjusted higher than the bottom of the Miter Gauge Groove. This would prevent the Miter Gauge, cros-cut sled, etc. from being pushed through the rear egde of the table.

    Setting the rear rail as high as I can go, not interferring with the Miter Gauge Groove, I cannot set the Fence to the 8 page specification. The Fence is too close to the table, and it barely clears the table top. If any pressure is added to it, I.E. wood face for the fence, it is enough for the fence to touch the table top.

    Currently the only thing I have been able to come up with is to have the front rails risen as HIGH as they will go, which creates a full 1/8th gap in the front, and less than a 1/16th in the rear. This situation "Works", but the fence is not parallel to the top of the table.

    Any suggestions?

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    Try checking the alignment of the tables, but basically, use your own judgement for the fence. As long as it is not dragging... or rediculously high, I can't see the harm if it's a little off. No problem with mine. Good luck!


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      You shouldn't need to modify a new TS like this, and it may void your warranty. Contact customer service and seek their help or a replacement.


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        There is an adjustment on the back of the fence.
        I am going from memory. I think you can raise the fence without raising the rails. I did no need to do this on mine but I saw it in the manual and looked at the back of the fence.


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          Thank you all for your replies. I will tweak a bit more with it, and contact Ridgid, and see what they say. I followed the manual to a tee. On pages 32-35, it covers the rails, and fence adjustments, no luck yet.

          I am a novice woodworker, and was wondering this:

          Is it critical that the fence is parallel to the table top?(not referring to blade or miter grooves)

          Thanks again, this forum is very helpful.