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I am in love....MS1290LZ

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  • I am in love....MS1290LZ

    I went to HD to check out the TS3650 again and see how difficult, or easy, it would be to add aftermarket accessories. I was satisfied with what I discoverd but then I saw it.

    The MS1290LZ.

    WOW, now that is a compound sliding miter saw. It's incredible looking. I, of course, don't know how good it actually is but DAYUMM, the looks of that thing just scream "I AM THE LORD OF THE SAWS"

    All that and a couple of bucks cheaper than the Dewalt compount sliding miter saw (which I also like). I don't have a need for this tool, yet, but when I do, I'll be checking this one very closely.

    drooooooooool /homer