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Dimensions of TS3650 ?? (need quick answer)

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  • Dimensions of TS3650 ?? (need quick answer)

    I am just about to go to HD to finally buy the 3560, but I am afraid of it's overall dimensions. I have to fit in into a two car garage, that already has three cars in it. Can someone tell me the overall dimensions? Also, can it's dimensions be minimized in any way? (ie can the motor swing up when not is use to reduce space - can I remount the extensions so it isn't quite as wide? 36" right cutting ability is overkill for me, but the saw just seems such an excellent value for the price.

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    If you are that cramped for space why not go for the 2400 with the mobile stand? Takes up much less space.

    On the 3650:

    a. its not easy to fold up or remove the motor for storage, its not designed with that in mind.

    table depth (front to back including the rails) is about 30". Add another 12" for the motor hanging out the back.

    Overall width (which in effect the length of the rails) is about 62". Can't shorten this easily for storage either. You could use shorter fence rails, but then you might as well get the TS2400LS. .

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      I know I am sounding picky, but I think that is a little too small. I am upgrading from a cheapie bench saw that has worked well for many years, but you are only as good as your weakest tool. In my case, the bench saw.... Maybe I need a whole new shop... yeah...


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        Well you are going to have to do some constructive layout and positioning of tools to fit three cars and some power tools in a two car garage Sure sounds like someone who needs a table saw that can fold up and be parked in a corner.

        Now if you could just push one of those cars out the door, you'd have it made

        I did pretty much that last year when I donated a car to charity so I did not have to mess with selling and to get the thing out of the one bay in the garage so I could use it for storage of yard equipment. This gave me two whole bays free and clear for woodworking, one for yard equipment, and one for the wife's car. Maybe someday I'll get a shed and move the yard stuff out there, and be able to get one of my trucks in the garage.


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          Well, my garage is 26 wide by 28 deep. I have a 1954 buick (waiting to be restored) lengthwise across the back of the garage. I have more tools than I can shake a stick at (automotive and woodworking tools) (yes, including a planer - no jointer yet). In the summer I usually kick both daily driver vehicles out into the driveway, but here on the east coast, I really like to have them inside for the winter.

          Back to the 3650, I just realized that if I park it face-first to the wall, then it will 'seem' to take up less space, as only the motor will be sticking out, rather than the whole face of the table. Might want to install the Herc-u-lift backwards so that I can pull it from behind.

          Got to make up my mind soon. Sale ends tomorrow.


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            Good idea mounting the Herc-u-lift backwards for your situation, but it will be a little more difficult to engage/disengage with your foot because of the motor hanging out the back. Its still a workable solution and worth doing I think. With the depth of your garage at 28ft, you should be able to find room for one vehicle and your shop tools up in front and the other two cars in the other bay. A table saw does eat a lot of floor space, even when stored against a wall. you can make use of the space under the right side to stuff a lower height tool such as a shop-vac.


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              Stephen, First, let me correct one thing you said - You are only as good as WHAT YOU CAN DO with your weakest tool. Keep that in mind. I accomplished plenty with my cheapie, 50ish table top and traded up to the 2400 recently and love it. Mind you, I actually wanted a cabinet saw, but then retirement found us moving to a townhouse and I lost my shop so now I am cramped into a two car garage. I can do plenty with the 2400 because I have learned how to work around its short commings and believe me it is way better than what I had. However, I know that logic is not really your concern - you want the larger saw and that is that - so go for it.

              Don't lose site of putting some stuff on the ceiling. Depending on the structure you have, you can either hang a platform for seasonal stuff or actually use a block and tackle affair and raise up some heavy stuff - I have done this successfully - also, I store lots of wood on brackets hung from the ceiling - makes folks laugh when they walk in the garage but it works - and hay, its my garage!

              For me, a '54 Caddie and a '56 Buick convert were everyday cars - way back then (ah, yes, then there was also a '40 Chevy coup, and '53 Dodge sedan.) Hope you get to the restoration project soon.


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                Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it, and headed off to Home Depot today to pick up the new TS3650. Came home empty handed though. Turns out the fine print of their "monthly" sale allows them to up the price after the 27th. Since I was there on the 28th, the best they would do is give me 50 off instead of the 100 off advertised. Arghh!


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                  Steven, Im not sure where you are in Canada but if you can go to another HD! Or, I would go and speak to the manager.. I have had tremedous success with my local HD. I was in the same boat in january when they offered a weekend sale on the TS3650 but I was out of town and a family member told me sunday night. I went in late on the monday and they sold me the saw at the sale price aswell as they offered me no payments for a year... (btw the no payments for the year wasnt a promo at the time) It was a decision made on the spot but the manager!



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                    Sadly, the next nearest HD is about a 2 hour drive away.

                    So, they had the TS3650 on earlier in the year for a weekend sale? Should I keep up hope they will have the sale again (soon)... The best they will do for me now is 50 dollars (CDN) off the regular price.