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Warranty Clarification From TTI - Finally!

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  • Warranty Clarification From TTI - Finally!

    I pulled into the local Home Depot today and saw a TTI truck parked out front. The TTI rep was there demoing the Ridgid line of tools. I started talking to him and the tool department manager (whom I know pretty well) about the "lifetime" warranty.

    The TTI rep said that the tool itself will be serviced for life by a local TTI service facility, not Home Depot.

    When a battery fails, the customer will have to bring the tool and battery to the repair center where the serial number of each will be recorded and a new battery will be exchanged for the old - ONE TIME only. Batteries will not be replaced for life.

    And doesn't that make sense? How could any company possibly replace something like batteries for the life of the tool? Talk about a losing proposition.

    Also, HD extended the lifetime service warranty on purchases until January 31st because they cannot provide enough stock. For example, our local HD has not had a 14.4v drill in stock yet.

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    It does make sense but for all of us that have copies of RIDGIDs litterature that clearly states "This means free battery packs for life" on page 3 of their brochure/flyer. they have to honor that. Although I won't even remember I posted this by the time I need to by new ones. I may go buy an additional battery though. So all of my tools that came with the combo will have one ready to go.


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      The rep is wrong. You get more than one battery if they fail..


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        Well then, EXACTLY HOW MANY BATTERIES can I expect to exchange? Someone on here must have a definite answer.

        I was told I would get batteries for life...not just once...not just twice, three or four times...but for life.

        I don't care if you mean MY life or the "life of the tool," but in 50 years I'm gonna bring my tools into Home Depot demanding new batteries and if they say the life of the tool has passed, then I will do mouth to mouth resusitation on my tool, have it completely rebuilt by a service center and demand that my 50 year old Ridgid X2 is still alive....give me my damn battery. Who's going to argue with that?


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          Replacement batteries and tools for 50 years? 25 years? Even 10 years? Let's be realistic here.


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            OK, we'll be realistic. I honestly expect Ridgid to back their warranty 100%, even if it means that some customers are going to get free batteries for fifty years or whatever. Why do I think this?

            First, my guess is that the overall cost of this lifetime warranty program isn't that significant, considered as a part of advertising and promotion. A 30-second TV spot in primetime is what, $50k? $100k? That's a lot of replacement batteries, and Ridgid is pushing the primetime spots pretty hard.

            Second, a reasonable person would find it intuitive to assume that not all customers will exercise their right to the warranty. I suspect that, regardless of how hard I'm pushing people to duplicate and laminate their receipts, a significant percentage of buyers aren't going to remain able to prove they're eligible for the warranty. Another percentage are just going to go out and buy more batteries as they age. Others will just throw away their broken Ridgid tool and go buy yellow or red. All this lowers Ridgid's cost and lessens the workload of backing that warranty.

            Third, you have to assume that not many of these tools are going to break. Although there are plenty of contractors out there, most of them are sensible people who aren't going to buy into Ridgid until it establishes a proven record of reliability. Most of the customers who buy Ridgid for the warranty are home users who will never push anywhere near the limits of the tool. They may eventually need batteries, but batteries were pretty cheap the last time I looked.

            Fourth, and probably most importantly, Home Depot is a 60+ billion dollar company, the second-largest retailer and one of the largest companies on Earth. They're making a helluvan investment into buying and stocking Ridgid tools, and having their employees push the warranty. If Ridgid screws HD on this deal, HD is gonna stomp them into the dust, and it's unlikely Ridgid would survive as a company.

            So, I have no trouble believing that Ridgid will back this warranty, exactly as they're spelling it out. I don't understand why it isn't this clear to everyone who thinks about it realistically.


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              Super Dave,

              "Batteries were pretty cheap last time (you) looked"??? What? The most expensive parts of the drill are the batteries. Take away the two batteries and the kit box and you're left with a $100 drill. Add two batteries and you have a $260 drill.

              Why do you think combo kits are so inexpensive? Because they only have two batteries, not because they give you a discount for buying four RIDGID tools.

              I understand that I lifetime warranty is a gimmic...sort of like mail in rebates (only like 10% ever mail in a rebate), but I am bronzing my receipt so that the warranty makes my purchase more valuable to me. If a company tells me batteries for life, I'd like clarification on what that means.

              I'm not looking for you trolls to say, "come on you don't expect batteries for life do ya?" Yes, that's what they tell me at Home Depot.

              So, BRANDMAN tell me with 100% certainty, how long I can exchange my batteries at the Home Depot...and how many times.

              I am not looking for interpretations of the warranty, I'm looking for absolute certainty. I saw a post on another thread that BRANDMAN said he's reply to secretly....I'd like an explanation on the warranty in public. I mean it's hear for us to read, why can't it be explained to us. Would it stand up in court, or would this be a case of fraud? I'm not claiming to be a lawyer, I'm just claiming to loving my tools and my warranty.
              -RIDID MAN #1


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                Oh, I didn't mean batteries were cheap for you and I to buy, I meant they were cheap for Ridgid to make. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                  Originally posted by SuperDave:
                  Oh, I didn't mean batteries were cheap for you and I to buy, I meant they were cheap for Ridgid to make. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                    There are at least a dozen centers within a 1/2 hour drive from my house. I don't know how good or friendly they are, but they are there.
                    I would still prefer to have service done through HD, while they are not the most knowledgable folks, they have generally been very helpful when I have a situation that needs to be resolved.


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                      Didnt Ford once have a life warranty once on parts they replaced?

                      I dont think that lasted too long but I remember a few farmers that were pretty happy with the deal. But Ford also blew-up/burned a few of their customers, maybe a fair trade. hehehe


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                        Hello all! Hopefully I can give some inside information on the subject! I work for The Home Depot as an Assistant Store Manager and the Hardware Dept is one that directly reports to me. First RIDGID's Inroductory Service Warrenty IS for life AND does include Batteries For Life of the Purchaser. What does that mean... If your tool breaks for any reason other then negligence, (So dont drop it from a 2 story roof.) It will be repaired. If it CAN'T be repaired for some reason it will be replaced - Free. This includes batteries. What you the consumer need to do is take it to your local service center with your originall reciept.( I recommend you make a photo copy or 2 of your receipt, not bronzing like sombody suggested! Our reciepts are printed on thermal paper - this means heat and light will cause them to fade. Do NOT toss original reciept even if it fades. You may also request a copy of your purchase from special services at the Home Depot you bought it from. Tell them you need a copy of the Electronic Journal, present them your reciept so they know what transaction you are talking about. (this must be done within 30 of purchace, as the store does not keep individual transactions longer then that)You can bring the tool to a Home Depot, they will ship it out for you ,but, you will most likely wait an extra 2 weeks. The reason is we don't repair product only distribute them and, we don't visit or ship to a repair facility more then once a week! So you get th convience of your local store but have to wait longer. Hope this clears up the issue!