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18v recip throwing blades

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  • 18v recip throwing blades

    I have a pretty new Rigid 18v recip saw and it started throwing blades. I blew out the chuck and used WD40 but shortly after starting to cut, it throws the blade.

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    From the lack of responses from your thread of yesterday and this one today, it would appear that you're alone with this problem. I would call Ridgid Customer Service and see what they have to say about it or take it in to a Ridgid Service Center. 3 Year Warranty or the Lifetime Service Agreement should cover the cost of getting it fixed.

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      I am not familiar with the saw, how does the blade mount.I know that when new the jig saw is difficult to get the blades in all the way and they will come out.Make sure it is mounted correctly. here is the manual page.

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