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quandry about dust collection

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  • quandry about dust collection

    Hello gents,

    I now own the TS3650 and the j0610. Love the machines. I was wondering if there was a way that I could have the shop vac, my dust collector, come on the same time I turn the power on the machines. I've seen on a router table at the borg that the switch has anm outlet on it for this purpose.


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    Sears has a switch setup that will do what you want.
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      You could also do like i did. I bought a shop fox dust collector remote switch from westerntools $40.00 plus tax. it comes with a receiver to plug the vac/dust collector and two wireless transmitter remote with hooks so you could hook it to your belt, it comes in two flavors 110 and 220 volts, it works great on my 6.5HP 12 AMP Ridgid shop vac the range is pretty good and the signal goes trough walls.


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        The Sears/Craftsman Auto-Switch is probably not reated high enough in amperage to handle a 1.5HP DC, I think the in-rush current would kill it over time.

        If you want a inexpensive RF controlled start/stop switch, how about the one that ACE hardware has on sale now until the end of the year for outdoor decorations. Its rated for 120VAC, 13A comes with one remote that works up to 100 ft away and it's an in-line design. You plug the remote switch into the outlet, then plug you lights (or shop vac?) into the switch. Grab the remote hanging from your belt and start the vac or a small dust collector unit.

        Oh, it's on sale for $12.99, plus you can get another $3 or $4 (don't remember how much) if you sned in the rebate form. there're on sale till the end of Dec. I picked up to to use on my Christmas lights, but I think I will try one out on my DC after the holidays.