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12"Sliders Dewalt, Bosch vs Rigid need opinions?

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  • 12"Sliders Dewalt, Bosch vs Rigid need opinions?

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 12" sliding Compound miter saw. I'm torn between which brand to go with. It's a large investment, I'm looking for accuracy as well as something that is going to last. What are your opinions between various brands does anyone own a Ridgid, Bosch or Dewalt, tell me what you think. Pro's cons etc.. Any help very appreciated.

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    A few issues back, one of the magazines tested 12” SCMS’s. The Makita and the Bosch came out on top with the nod going to Makita, which came standard with a 96-tooth blade compared to the 80-tooth on the Bosch. I would look for the best deal on either one of those.



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      I have the ls1013 Makita which was top rated by and is 10".The 12" blades cost much more,flex more and if you read the article ,the capacities of the 12" sliders are not much different in cutting standard lumber sizes. I have a DeWalt 706 12"cms that is excellent for cutting against the fense up to 6" base or 6 5/8" crown.


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        I just purchased the Rigid 12 incher with the laser. I've been out of the contracting buis for a couple of years now but this saw is really nice. The quick release work clamp is simply awesome Once I got the hang of it I am making adjustments on the fly very quickly. The laser was just a bonus. I was about to buy the dewalt and decided to get the Rigid due to the warranty the laser and cost. You won't be dissappointed.


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          Just bought the dewalt 12" Compound slide, love it! Now more flipping and turning beams and joists.


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            I own the 12" Ridgid slider the gray model, no complaints, the Ridgid saws have a positive stops for your crown molding on both the miter and bevel settings I thought that was a nice feature, also the saw has a large footprint & work surface, its very stable doesn't move. The saw has cut everything I have had a chance to feed it like there was no tommorow. A friend just purchased the 12" Dewalt SMS, I think the model is the DW708, he is happy with that saw so far also & he got a free DW brad or finish nailer w/it. I don't know if you own a TS or RAS saw but it has been mentioned that the blades on a 10" saw are interchangeable with either of those, just something else to think about. Personally I'm happy I bought the 12" saw, I've owned a 10" miter saw and can appreciate the bit of extra capacity you get from a 12". In all my shopping I've done research, you know kicked the tires etc. but I think it boils down to buying what makes YOU happy, after all your going to be the one using it.