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    I am going with my dad this weekend to pick up a JP610 (TP1300 also), both look like they are orange but not positive. I have one that is about 2 years old that I really like, but I have not seen any recent posts about one. Have they made any changes in the last 2 years. Are the ones in the stores now built by Emerson or the new manufacturer. We picked up a TS 3650 for him 2 weeks ago and I was actually very impressed with it in comparison to my TS 2424 (which I still love BTW). If anyone has objective opinions about the current 610 I would like to hear it.
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    RRitch - I'm not 100% certain about my info here, but since no one's responded I'll give it shot. They older grey models were built by Emerson and were pretty well respected. The newer orange unit is no longer built by Emerson....I'd have to guess that it's OWT. Don't know about any design changes...the old one had a very similar design to other good jointers....Sunhill, Grizzly, Jet, General Intl, Bridgewood, etc. They all have a very solid fence and fence mounting mechanism....a massive cast iron structure. Since they're all so similar and many roll out of the same foundery, it boils down to price, availability, warranty, knife setting mechanism, dust collection, base, motor power, reputation, etc.

    Delta and Sears models in this price range have a fence mounting mechanism that's different than the brands above. It's a slimsy piece of stamped steel that allows the fence to move quite a bit. Delta has a more upscale model(37-195) that offers rack and pinion fence adjustments that is a much better design than their $360 model(37-190/JT360). Yorkcraft offers one similar to the better Delta for ~ $300.

    First and foremost for a jointer to work well the tables and fence must be flat, and the tables must be coplaner when cranked up to the same height. All of the brands on the market occasionally fall to the dreaded out-of-parallel tables or warped surfaces. That's the first thing to check, and usually requires fiddling or an exchange to remedy.


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      My new Ridgid jointer is the old Emerson, which you already have and like, as do I.

      I'm looking forward to the dust settling, to hear about how the new orange tools perform/hold-up under normal operating conditions.

      My only experience is with the orange 12" CMS, which under light duty has been fine. We'll know more when when (if) spring arrives.

      Good Luck,