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Worthless Rigid Cordless Hammer Drills and Saws

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  • Worthless Rigid Cordless Hammer Drills and Saws

    As a contractor, I made the unwise decision of switching from Dewalt to Rigid 9 months ago. After spending $1500, I now have junk on my hands. The hammerdrill broke down after 5 months due to a faulty switch. Rigid actually sent me a refurbished one (after screaming at them on the phone for an hour) and allowed me to keep it while my original was being fixed. It only took 2 months to fix my drill due to the switch being back ordered. Now I have 2 drills that get stuck in forward and have to be turned off by removing the battery (Rigid better watch out for lawsuits). The chuck on both are now stuck and useless. My cordless recipricating saw has a quick change that is now broke without the aid of a screwdriver. I was interested in what Rigid's response would be when I saw the at the Remodelers show in Chicago. Same old %^*$@!!!! I was actually told to bring my tools to a service center. It kills me when they use the word "professional" and ask me to give my trade tools to a service center for 2 months. HOW DO THEY THINK I WILL DO MY WORK WHILE MY USELESS TOOLS ARE ONCE AGAIN BEING SERVICED. Has anyone else experienced the type of lovely customer service I have?

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    Why did you buy Ridgid? There are tested and proven products out there why when your business depends on your tools would you take this kind of chance? I trying to understand your thinking.

    I just don't understand. If the tools were less expensive or had a track record or even rebadges of existing line I could understand but I see no benefit, so I'm curious.
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      My Experience with DeWalt has not been better. Screw 'em both - buy Bosch.


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        i have yet to come aross a cordless saw worth a **** (i assume you are talking circular). in addition, hammer drills are another application in which you dont want codtless. just my opinion. the cordless saw is meant for litle ****...and i just cant see a cordless hammer drill being worth a **** as i have yet to find a cordless impact worth a ****.

        my sugggestion for the cordless drill driver is the sf 121-a by hilti. i have a co worker that has a ridgid 18V and my hilti under constant use outlasted his ridgid for duration, drill charging time, and although the ridgid seemed to have a but more torque in the beginning it quickly dropped below my hilti! if you want a pro grade hammer drill buy the milwaukee with the cord
        1 as for the saw, plug it in if you want results (cordless will not deliver what i need as an amateur let alone you as a pro!

        just my opinion



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          Yea, if you use a hammer drill that often, a Hilti is considered the best out there.

          To answer the first post, I have had good luck with Ridgid service. Needed something on my TS fixed and I had the parts within two weeks. Considering shipping times, I think that was very acceptable.