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TS3650 Dust Collection

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  • TS3650 Dust Collection

    Looking for an extension to use to make it easier to attach the vacuum hose to the downspout. It is a real pain to reach up under the saw to attach the hose. Any ideas?

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    I know what you mean, it is a pain. What ever you devise will need to be flexible as the shield and exhaust port move with the blade when you raise/lower or tilt the blade, and you would wnat to route it in such a way so a trap is not created that would cause stuff to collect there and clog or block it up. I have been trying to figure out something for mine too.


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      Thanks for the input. When I figure it out I'll post the information.


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        I picked up a solid hose adapter from Ridgid at HD. It's bent a litle (say 15 degrees) so it clears the stand when the blade is tilted.


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          I had the same frustration so I bought an extra hose for my shop vac and I leave hooked up to the saw. Seems to work OK.


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            I installed a 3ft. long piece of 2" flex hose and tied to off with electrical tie wraps to the back right corner of the frame. Works great for me.