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  • warranty may not be as good as advertised

    I planed approximately 8 boards with my 13" planer when I first bought this. I went to use it again after about a year or so, and the motor burned right out. I happened to have the camera handy to photograph the project I was going to work on.

    Check out pictures of the motor smoking after it burned out:
    (click the "burned out" slidehow on the upper right of the page)

    Home depot says I may have to pay a "diagnostic fee", plus other charges for parts. I thought this was a "lifetime warranty". If I wind up having to pay, I'll never buy ridgid again.

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    Why is Home Depot involved in this? After a years time any problems should be handled by an authorized Ridgid Service Center.
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      Nice pics Dean, definetly supports the theory that all things that plug in run on a certain quantity of smoke -- once you let the smoke out they cease to work [img]tongue.gif[/img]
      Seriously, any Ridgid repair center will fix it free of charge, I find that if I get the wrong answer from a HD employee I keep asking different people until I get the correct answer.
      Check here for service centers
      Ridgid Service Centers


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        Thanks for the service center link. When you buy these Ridgid tools, the Home Depot stresses the lifetime warranty & (at the very least) implies that the HD backs them. That has always been my impression.

        But, sometimes you wind up talking to an orange apron that doesn't know a hammer from a nail. Perhaps I was misled or confused.


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          Dean, you are right. I found out also that HD does not back the Ridgid warranty but they seem to imply it when you buy there. I have a local service center in my neighborhood that does honor the the warranty though. They have one of my drills right now. Good luck.


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            Anyone unfamiliar with the Ridgid warranties can find them here. Just click on the catagory of Ridgid product you have a question on.
            Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.