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TS3650 Assembly problem

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  • TS3650 Assembly problem

    Putting it together wasnt a problem, the book did quite well, but there were some spare parts...last thing anyone wants to hear, or see.

    The tie was mentioned in the manual as extra so I put that one in a baggy. The parts I'm refering to are as follows:

    Bolt Sq. Hd 5/16-18x1 (9) 1 spare
    Nut, Hex Flange 5/16-18 (9) 1 spare
    Screw, Sq. Hd. 1/4-20x3/4 (3) 3 spare
    Nut, Hex Flange 1/4-20 (3) 3 spare.

    These items are all on the larger sheet of hardware. The last 2 items are on the right side and the first 2 seem to be spares from assembling the table front and back.

    Can anyone shed some light on these mysterious parts? I've gone through the manual 3 times now and still cant find them.

    Thank you

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    Here's a little something I posted a few months ago. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
    Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new 3650. It's a great saw. Warranty is 3 years.
    Assembly tips - Don't install the handwheels until after you stand it upright. The front rail takes 5 bolts, not 4 as per inst. That's why there are 9 bolts (5 front, 4 back). The nuts and bolts are a mix of standard and metric and will drive you nuts! Be real fussy about setting up the fence and rails, it's critical for safe and accurate cutting. Get help standing it upright, it's heavy (duh!). When you're all done you'll have 3 bolts left over. They are for attaching an aux fence if you need one. Apply a good coat of paste wax to the table, rails and fence (Johnsons, Butchers, etc.) Zero clearance inserts are not included and the last I knew they may still not be available. Inserts are so easy to make for next to nothing I wouldn't buy them anyway. Get a couple table saw books from the library for inst. on how to make inserts along with other jigs and fixtures and tuning inst. Good luck and have fun!
    Edit: Almost forgot. The inst. for mounting the motor are a little screwy. Just adjust the motor in or out until there is tension on the belt thru the full range of blade heights.

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      Thanks a whole bunch. I was going out of my mind. And yes....consistant standards for bolts WOULD be nice. Otherwise the threads are at least consistant even if the heads arent


      It still doesnt take away from the fact that this saw is fantastic for those of you thinking of buying one


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        I too had the same amount of apre parts from my TS3650 that I just bought last Sunday. i knew there would be a few left over after reading posts here or I would have gone insane trying to figure out what would fall off the saw when I started to use
        At least you get more instead of not enough....What do you think of you TS3650? I am loving mine...very quite compared to my old skil saw which sounded like a 747 on take off.