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BS1400 Would you buy it again?

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  • BS1400 Would you buy it again?

    Most of you may know that the BS1400 is priced at 349.00 at home depot. I'm wondering if you guys would buy this same bandsaw again or would you choose something else. I'm starting to shy away from this saw as I've heard complaint after complaint, or statments like... everything is great after I upgraded the motor and what not....

    If the complaints are NOT the norm, and it's only a few, I'd like to know as I'm seriously thinking about going to the Grizzly G0555. I realize it's a little bit more, but I worry about quality not price.

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    I would in a minute. There are some weaknesses to this saw. They can be easily corrected to make an excelent tool. I have posted this before but here are my recomendations to solve the problem. Most of them are inherent to any band saw.
    1. Dump the package blade and buy good ones.
    2. Link belt. I use it on every tool I can. Make it a little long and the bottom door will open all the way.
    3. Take a piece of 3/4 ply scrap, cut it the size of the underside of the base, drill the proper mounting holes for the saw and motor and put it underneath when setting up the machine. Stiffens the base right up.
    4. Cool blocks I personally prefer the ceramic. More expensive but will last a lifetime.

    Not only will my saw pass the nickle test at startup, running and shut down. It will pass a dime test all the way through.

    Now for some extras if you want to.

    1. Riser kit if you plan to resaw.
    2. Good fence system. There are several out there.
    3. I enclosed the sides and back of the base with some 1/2' plywood. Keeps it cleaner as I cut a shelf for the bottom braces. Made good storage and stiffened the base more than any enclosed cabinet I have ever seen. And it all came from scrap pieces.
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      Got the G0555 a few weeks ago and have no major complaints with it. A few more bucks and as far as i'm concerned, well worth it. But thats only by what iv'e seen at the Borg.

      Keep in mind the Grizz comes with miter guage and fence for that price. Which just went up, by the way. $50 if I remember correctly.

      Nice saw, easy set up, true and accurate out of the box. Like all the grizz tools I have gotten.

      With the factory blade, it cuts pretty nice. Have'nt had the chance to use the new blades yet.

      Happy shopping,



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        $134.00 more to be exact. That does include shipping which is something I'd have to eat since I don't live close enough to a showroom.

        I'm still debating a bandsaw, but others have suggested that I get a planer first. So, now I'm thinking planer. I *COULD* buy both, but not sure that I want to at this time. I don't REALLY have a need for a bandsaw, I want one, but don't really have a NEED. Not at this time anyway.


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          I've had my BS1400 for about 2 years now and have not had a problem. Any vibration is not enough for me to even think about,(I'm shaky anyway) LOL I bought the Riser with my saw for $30 and they gave me a fence because they couldn't find it in their computer. I have heard that the Riser kits are expensive, but I do know that the Grizzly riser will fit the Ridgid.
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