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Dado Insert for TS2400-1

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  • Dado Insert for TS2400-1

    I'm looking for either a dado insert for my TS2400-1 table saw or a zero clearance insert. Anyone out there have any resources?? LH

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    Zero Clearance Inserts You can use these to make your own ZCI's and dado inserts.

    Better yet, why not just make your own?
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      Thanks, I may try this approach. How do you secure the insert to the table to ensure safety. My zero ZCI on my band saw just fits into the insert housing. Little different on a table saw. Any thoughts on the best way to make one of these work. LH


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        Bought two ZCI # 436 from that link about 2 weeks ago and they arrived in 3 days UPS Ground ... $33.73 with shipping. Other than the Ridgid AC1045, this is the only other one I've seen advertised to fit the NEW Ridgid TS2400LS / TS3650.

        AND YES THEY DO HAVE AN ANTI-LIFT PIN AT THE BACK, as well as a countersunk hole for the front retaining screw. As I was setting them up on my saw, I found that the pin was a little low. So I added layers of heat-shrink tubing to the pin to make up the difference (about 1/6").

        There really is nothing to them and would be pretty simple to make as others have already said & done. I probaby will do so when I need more. I'm glad I bought these though, much better template than the std. insert that came with the saw.

        My only complaint is that I had to start with a 7-1/4" blade, as the 10" blade does not go low enough on my TS2400LS to clear the un-cut insert. First blade I grabbed had a narrower kerf than my 10", so I ended up having to make 3 cuts though it total (oh well). Otherwise fits and works perfectly ... money well spent !!