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Ridgid 18v 3/8" drill review needed

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  • Ridgid 18v 3/8" drill review needed

    I was looking at the 18V ridgid 3/8" drill (R84001) for about $148 dollar.

    Is this a good drill for the price? I know that there is a life time warranty offer at the moment. Sounds like a sweet deal because it appears that it covers normal wear and tear + battery replacement.

    I am replacing my 14.4 craftman. The 18V ridgid seems a bit on the heavy side.

    - J

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    JIP, I have been using my 84001 for almost 2 years on a daily basis. It is the best cordless drill I have ever had or used. The charger only takes 20 minutes but I have never had to use it during a job. With 2 batteries it will last all day
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      If you are doing commercial Electrical work you will need more than just 2 batteries. But with the fast charge time you're just fine aslong as you aren't the one setting up the permanent power.

      I have the 18v x2 and with five batteries i never have to wait to get the job done. I have 2 batteries in use at all times, one in my drill and one in my sawzall. I'm lokiking forward to using my 18v Impact Driver to drive screws into the metal stud walls faster. I haven't used it for this application before but it has to be better than pushing on you drill to get the "self tapper" screw in.
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