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  • TS3650 dust collection

    I like my 3650, but I've got one gripe. The dust port. There is a shroud under the table (good thing), but the port for the dust is for a 2 1/2" vacuum hose (bad thing).

    To make it worse, once you put a reducer onto the end of the port, attaching the DC hose (even using a quick connect) is a real pain, because of the way the port angles toward the back leg of the saw.

    A band-aid would be to get a short length of 4" hose and move the connection point out from underneath the saw.

    Have any of you modified the shroud, so that there is a 4" connection under there (no reduction to 2 1/2" at all)?

    Thanks for reading,


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    My solution was to install Ridgid's 2.5" dust collection system around 2 of the walls in my shop and arrange my tools in such a manner as to allow me to connect the 4" tools on one end of the DC and the 2.5" tools on the other end. This way I've only got 1 4" to 2.5" reducer. Since my MS,BS,EB,and TS all have 2.5" connections it works well for me.
    I also have a short hose coming off the saw to a connector on a longer hose which allows easy on-off for spot cleaning.


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      I don't think you would have room to tilt the arbor completely if there was a 4" port. You need the flexibility of the 2.5". I just leave an extra shop vac hose connected all the time. Then I don't have to reach under the saw to make the connection.


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        I just boxed in the bottom of the cabinet and let the 2.5" port on the blade guard dump into the enclosure from where a 4" hose to my DC connects just below the motor on the back of the saw. The enclosure is sloped from front to back so any sawdust slides down towards the 4" hose. Works pretty well, I'd saw it is catching about 97% of the sawdust from what cutting I have done over the past two weeks since I hooked it up. the 3% that is missed comes from the blade tilt opening in the front of the saw cabinet, what spills out the back around the motor, and whatever small leaks exist in between the enclosure and the cabinet where sawdust can filter through.


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          that is what i did to mine
          Just my opinion