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  • Excellent Customer Service

    Well, I knew the slop in that blade guard on the ts3650 would come back to bite me. While sliding large sheets of MDF under it it shifted and came in contact with the blade. . I called Ridgid parts, got redirected, and redirected again, and then I was told that this was not covered under the lifetime warranty . (The Home Depot salesman assured me that the saw was covered for life no matter what happened. Right.) So I sent Ridgid an email and Mr Tom Clinkscales replied promptly. He apologized and said a new blade guard was in the mail. Wow. I hope his boss reads this because he deserves a raise and a pat on the back!

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    Tom is the gentleman who sent me a new arbor the next day and later, when I requested an exploded view of the saw, he emailed it to me !

    I agree, give him a raise!

    It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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      I have also had good experience with Mr. Clinkscales.
      Yeah, give him a raise!


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        Another double thumbs up for Mr Clinkscales got my arbor as promised no hassles


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          keep up the good work!!


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            Someone who gives that type of service desearves a raise.
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