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  • RIDGID Factory 'Reconditioned' / 'Refurbished'

    Has anyone had any problems with so-called RIDGID Factory 'Reconditioned' / 'Refurbished' items?

    Are they worth the $100 saving?

    Any comments good or bad.

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    Not quite sure what you mean by "so-called RIDGID Factory 'Reconditioned"/'Refurbished" items"? Either they are or they aren't. Cummins Tools is the only authorized seller of genuine RIDGID factory reconditioned tools. If anyone other than Cummins claims they have factory reconditioned RIDGID tools for sale, chances are good that they aren't reconditioned at all.
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      Home Depot sells Ridgid Reconditioned tools. Are they not an authorized reseller?


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        I have never seen a factory reconditioned Ridgid tool being offered for sale at any of the HD's I've been in. I have seen returned tools being offered and labeled as used but not reconditioned. Maybe one of our members here that works at HD can comment on this.
        Diapers and Politicians need to be changed often... Usually for the same reason.


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          I've never seen "reconditioned" tools for sale in one of the Home Depot stores. I've seen used and/or returned tools and frankly I'm a bit skeptical about such things. I'm not sure if that is store policy or just one of those things that some manager has used his descretion to do. Normally, returned items should be returned the manufacturer, but maybe such policies have changed from what I was told a few years ago. (Most retailers simply don't do this, as it is a questionable practice at best, and in in some areas may even be deemed illegal.) However, I have seen "reconditioned" tools on sale through the Home Depot web site. I can't recall seeing Ridgid brand, but if you check, I believe there's a couple of Ryobi "reconditioned" offers at the present time.



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            Right after Hurricane Rita hit the Gulf coast. I went to Baumont to help get that store back up and running. We received a pallet of 3pc and 4pc factory refurbished ridgid combos. They sold for about $100 less than new and only had a 1yr warranty I believe. So I would venture to say that HD is authorized to sell factory recons.

            As for CWSmith's comment. If a customer returns a tool and there is nothing wrong with it, we do not get credit for it from the vendor. That is not just Ridgid/Ryobi, but every tool vendor. At that point the product is sold at a reduced price as is with no factory warranty.That is company policy and it is all perfectly legal.


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              "sold at a reduced price as is with no factory warranty"

              So if someone returns an item and there is nothing wrong with it except the package was opened, the store puts it on the shelf at reduced price and there is no manufacturer warranty?

              Wow, let's take a case where the LOML buys me a cordless drill (I'm leaving out brands here as its not relevant), and I open the package and look it over and decide it is not the model I want or does not suit my needs, then return the item (without having used it), that the item goes back on the shelf at reduced price minus the warranty? Myself I would not be opposed to an item in this condition being put on the shelf at a slightly reduced price (maybe 5%) but the warranty included.

              I can understand the manufacturer not taking this back as a defective (or whatever) item, there is no basis for a claim, only that the buyer changed their mind (customer satisfaction?). This sounds expensive in the long run for the retailer.

              There are always those items that come back with "pieces missing" or "first time I used it it broke". Those scenarios are plausable but not that common I would bet. I think many of those situations are more likely that the buyer needed another of the supposedly "missing" piece or they didn't RTFM and through their own fault caused the item to "break" on first (or second, third, etc.) use. These situations (thanks to the bad apples in our society) are just plain out abuse of the system but difficult to prove and not worth the bad rap the retailer would take with consumers so they just eat it I think.

              Do stores such as HD keep track of how many times a particular consumer brings items back? And if so do they give them greater scruntiny if they are a repeat offender. Ya gotta draw the line somewhere I would think or go broke.


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                In one of my most recent tool catalogs from Home Depot, they listed "refurbed" Ridgid and Ryobi stuff on one of the last pages. I, of course threw it away, but I know I'm not delirious (some days), so I did see it....


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                  Thats another thing I've never seen at any Home Depot I've ever visited, a Home Depot Tool Catalog.
                  Diapers and Politicians need to be changed often... Usually for the same reason.


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                    How are these tools distinguised from NEW tools and where do you find them? I've noticed that during so-called clearance I've seen some tools that appeared used or even damaged. But there is also many brand new tools that are on clearance too. In particular cases, it is obvious that things are NOT new, and often these appear to be more scrap than anything and for a guy looking for such, I don't see the problem.

                    But I've also seen tools that were obviously opened, sitting right next to brand new tools that are on clearance and there is no price distinction. A case in point, I recently bought a Ridgid "Dust Collection Kit" for a "clearance" price of $29. Good deal I think. But when I took it up to register and asked about it, they said all sales were final and returns weren't accepted.

                    Okay, the box I bought had been opened, so I took it back to the shelf and checked each piece... things were full of saw dust, parts missing and a couple of tubes cut. Obviously this one was used. But others boxes were sealed, and I took one of those and everything was brand-spanking new. Same price! So one was a good deal and by comparison the other was a rip! Not something that would make me happy.

                    On the flip side, I bought a new Ryobi corded sabre saw. They searched for 40 minutes to find one (the computer said they had six). None on display (just the display card and an empty tool stand) and none where they should be, but they did find two empty cases, and finally one complete which I bought. But the empty cases were brand new and I asked if they were for sale (I have two old sabre saws with no case, the new one was a present). They told me they couldn't sell them, that HD policy was that they had to be trashed. Hmmm... seems like an item for clearance to me, oh well.

                    So, some things just don't make a lot of sense to me I guess.



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                      Some policies are IMHO left to the descression of the Store or maybe even district manager. I would think that my store manager would tell me to either sell the empty case to the customer( or even just give it to them). I think alot of store personel get too tied up with policy and forget that our number one goal is to take care of the customer.
                      That being said. There is no such thing as "all sales final" unless it is a store closing clearance sale. If I sell a tool at a reduced price for any reason it still has the same return policy to the store. If you buy clearance or marked down tool and don't like it, you can bring it back just like you would a new one.
                      Now to set the record straight on used tools. I don't have alot of them at my store. Mostly what I have is compressors or nailguns that have been sent out and repaired. Also I have old displays that I sell at a discounted price. I am blessed with two of the best tools pros in my store. both have been in this tool dept for over 14 years and have extensive construction and woodworking backgrounds before coming to HD. So I think that they have alot to do with my not having to deal with alot of returned tools. If you qualify the customer and their use of the product then it won't be returned. But if that doesn't happen then I guess there would be an influx of used tools at the store. There are always going to be those people who will buy a Ryobi hammer drill to mix drywall mud because if they burn it up they can bring it back. You can't dwell on those customers though. If you sell the customer the right tool for their needs then you will grow your customer base and can cover the losses of the tools that nned to be marked down.


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                        Thanks for the explanation. I can tell that you have a dept. that is run in a professional manner and no doubt have "clients" that will repeatedly do business with you.

                        Obviously, each store is different. I think the problem in my local HD is that they simply have NO one who oversees the tool dept. There is a manager of some kind, but my understanding is that he or she oversees several depts. Considering the lack of knowledge and the all too often missing parts, tools, etc. it appears that they either don't know or don't care about what they are selling.

                        Almost every trip to the local HD, provides some level of frustration with the lack of help and the poor care that display tools are in with missing parts, rusty table tops, and just general clutter in the tool area.

                        But all said and done, they still have the best selection and best prices in the area. One just has to do their homework before they walk into the store and be extremely leery of anything that one of the sales associates might tell you.

                        Again, thanks for the post and best wishes for the holidays,



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                          Today (12/08/05) the HD in Beaumont, Texas has five of the RIDGID 3pc combo sets for sale at $199 each. They are located on the floor in the tools area.

                          The sign above them reads "Reconditioned 1 year warranty". The bags are worn and dirty and the tools look like they just came of a 6 month tour of duty. They have not even been wiped down...I don't think a pawn shop would take them in the condition they are in.

                          I must admit that I am very surprised by this. These tools obviously were returned to HD and have not been reconditioned by RIDGID.

                          I can't believe that this type of sale as "Reconditioned" is SOP for it? Why not call a spade a spade and just sell them as USED at $199?

                          I used to be skeptical of posts that described similar incidents, but I have seen the practice with my own eyes...What gives HD?

                          Come to think of it, the $69 12V right angle impact driver I bought last week had a little grease on the handle when I opened it...naw, they wouldn't do that, would they?


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                            Will you please contact the Beaumont store and clarify the deal with the 'Reconditioned' 18V 3 pc combo kits they currently have out on display? I see you are familiar with the store and the sales of "reconditioned 1 year warranty" Ridgid tools.

                            The combo-kits they are displaying and selling today (12/8/05) as reconditioned have been worked very, very hard and still bear the scars, grease and dirt to prove it. I cannot believe that these particular tool kits have been inspected and approved for sale as 'reconditioned' by Ridgid. They have no documentation, no boxes or other packaging and are sitting in used, worn RIDGID tool bags, much like you would see them displayed at a pawn shop or flea market.

                            The reconditioned tools I have purchased in the past are barely distinguishable from new, except for a possible notation on the box or warranty card, or an "R" suffex on the model number (as Dewalt does).

                            I have always been happy with the quality, service and products at HD and I love my RIDGID tools, but this situation really raised red flags for me and appears to validate some of the negitive comments that others have posted on this forum.

                            I assume these tools still come with the HD 90 day return option (so there would be no real risk to the buyer if they were not satisfied), but the practice of selling used tools as reconditioned does not fit well with my expectations of a retailer the size and caliber of HD.

                            Again, I don't have an axe to grind with HD or RIDGID. They are both my retailer and power tool of choice, but I can't quite wrap my mind around this practice and you appear to be in a position to explain it from the HD perspective.

                            Also, I want to retain my credibility on this forum, and I am sure that there are many die-hard RIDGID and HD supporters (like me) that won't believe this story without your verification.

                            I really apprecieate your previous posts and look forward to reading your response.

                            Thanks in advance, Frank


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                              I can tell you right off the bat, if they are not in brown boxes that say ridgid on the side, then they are not factory recons. They are more than likely kits that were returned to the store, the Ridgid rep came in and looked at, and determined that nothing was wrong with them. So in that case they would go back to the floor as used. The best way to tell is the sign used on them. If they have a green markdown tag on them, then they are used. A Factory recon kit will have the markdown already taken when the store receives the product, so no markdown would be needed in the store.

                              you're welcome, and happy holidays to you and your family too.

                              [ 12-09-2005, 10:06 AM: Message edited by: Cuj0HD ]