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    one of the reasons I bought the 18v. four pc. combo pack was because of the lifetime guarantee. Well my first battery has gone bad after less than a year's use. I was told by a Rigdid representative at the time,"if something goes wrong with anything just take it back to point of purchase they will replace it." Home Depot says I have to contact Ridgid customer service after 90 days. I don't have time to play phone tag with them. I use my tools everyday and can't afford down time. Should have stuck with DeWalt.

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    Welcome. Sorry about your problems. Too bad you can't find that Ridgid rep. who told you that story. Have to say, about a year ago, there was an aweful lot of discussion here about a lifetime warranty on the cordless batteries. There were so many stories stated from both Ridgid and HD, it's no wonder there's confusion.

    One problem with ANY cordless multi-tool pack is the batteries----you're stuck with one kind. Personally, I'd buy another and jump through the hoops getting the other one replaced----you'll have a standby the next time one goes soft.


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      You might try buying a battery on ebay. They go for much less and you might find one with a matching date code (the Gnnn part of the serial number). The code is all that links the batteries to a tool. The last time I looked though, no sellers were advertising this key piece of information. You would probably have to ask.

      You don't need to feel bad about not buying extra batteries during the special sale either. Apparently they weren't covered by the lifetime warranty since they're considered "accessories". I saw the loophole, but they didn't have any 18V batteries with matching date codes in stock. I would up buying another drill kit just to get extra batteries with lifetime replacement.

      You will find may dissenting opinions here, but the 90 day in-store vs. lifetime service policy seemed pretty clear to me. This was still a better deal in the long run than any other. I'm sure Ridgid will honor the warranty as long as they are in business, but you do need to be able to wait for service.


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        you might try selling your drill on ebay agter you purchase the Hilti SF-121A. i will put this toe to tow with any 12, 14.4 or 18 on the market. I have including the ridgid! the only one that came close to giving me a run for my money was the 18 v Milwaukee

        and when i bought, it was between the 12 hilti and 18 milwaukee