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  • Tool Test (jigsaws)

    Pop. Woodworking has a tool test for 12 jigsaws in this issue, Ridgid included!! Just a heads up for everyone. Not to bad of a response. Rick

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    I just got the new Ridgid jigsaw last weekend. So far I have only crosscut a PT 2X6 9 times, but every cut was dead on accurate. I like the feel, and although the chip guard is a bit of a pain to remove and replace, the small projection on the front of it indicating the cut line was a joy to use. Plenty of power, blade change easy, nice case, but large. I had my pick of the Bosch and Dewalt for the same price, but chose the Ridgid for a feature set that I liked better. From all that I have read on manufacturers of these products around the world, the company that makes the Metabo also makes a similar (exact?) model for Ridgid. I understand thet One World Technologies (OWT) makes Ridgid, Ryobi, and who knows what else. Each Distributor has tools made to their specs. When it comes to the new Ridgid cordless drills, I have not seen a similar drill anywhere. I don't need one, but I sure as heck want one, especially with the warranty till Dec 31. At any rate, I highly recommend the jig saw.
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      I didn't know Ridgid had a jigsaw??
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        You've been hiding for the past 6-8 weeks then haven't you?? [img]smile.gif[/img]



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          I've been lookin hard at the jigsaw, but am tapped out after getting the 18 x2 cordless drill and the corded recip saw. Went to Cotsco and strayed, Milwakee cordless circular saw for 99 bucks.

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