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Milwaukee's new 28volt cordless line

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    You guys here sound like Tool experts. Curious, doesn't have much to do with the topic, but do Rigid tools rank up there with Milwaukee/ Dewalt /Bosch?

    I don't mean compared to the new 24 volt lithuim ions, I mean compared to the same type of tool. I.E. Would the Rigid 18 volt 460 lb/torque drill I just bought for $99 be a tool that could be used on the heavy job sites some of you work on?

    I would imagine it's enough for me, remodel kitchens, new windows/doors, basements, bathrooms, new ceilings, garage doors, etc. I don't use it (nor do I think it should be used) to drill in masonry.

    Just curious from contractor's point of view...


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      Ridgid makes outstanding plumbing hand tools. If you are a plumber and don't own at least 5 Ridgid hand tools you are not a plumber in my books, period.

      So their reputation for building quality plumbing tools, drain cleaning accessories/tools etc, is really well established. And they have taken on power tools in the past several years and they have used some of that reputation to garner themselves a place in the industry. I think for what they offer, they have done a reasonable job, however I suspect that their latest lifetime warranty offer might be more to get their name out there by selling lots of power tools as I'd imagine it is a tough thing to become established in the power tool business when you are up against the likes of Milwaukee, DeWalt and others, who have tools that are household names (for instance "Sawzall", and "Hole Hawg", etc.). I have used their 18 volt set mildly as a coworker owns one and I thought the drill was excellent, yet a little on the heavier side, but still heavy duty, and powerful, and with excellent ergonomics, balance, and comfort. The 18 volt skillsaw when you pressed the button didn't appear that fast/powerful but when you actually put it up against a 2x4 it chugged through it with no problems. Never got the oppurtunity to try the sawzall, the light was well, a light. It's comparable in performance to some of the other 18 volt sets and such. Boss has an 18 volt DeWalt set and I'd say the drill's are very similar in feel however I think the DeWalt sawzall and circ saw are a bit better performing, the drill's are about the same in performance/quality from what I've tried. The two bit holders on the DeWalt is an advantage over the Ridgid 18 V's one (believe me, this sounds trivial but it is bigger than you think).
      The clutch on the DeWalt is also more fine tuned which bodes well for using nut driver bits on MJ clamps were proper torque is critical to setting the clamp.

      What I think Ridgid needs to work on is establishing it's warranty centers. It's one thing to have a lifetime warranty, but it's so much better to have a factory authorized Ridgid warranty store/centre where you have very little turn around time for repairs of tools or battery replacements instead of taking it into Home Depot. As an example I had a problem with my drill blowing batteries. I took it into the DeWalt factory centre and they had it fixed in 3 days (DeWalt fully maintains your tool for 1 year from the purchase date, at least as far as I know - although they never asked to see the receipt from my drill when they repaired it, no when I had issues with the batteries). CoWorkers Ridgid Drill went for a sh*t and it took 4 weeks through Home Depot!


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        Hi Scott, thanks for the reply, exactly what I was looking for. It seems as though my Rigid to some degree, if not 100% can play with the big boys. There are few projects where the extreme power is called for, but I plan on redoing my deck so that will be a nice place to have it. Some places I've used it where it's excelled is putting lagbolts through oak posts on my new railing, driving 4" drywall screws through (diagonally) 4 x 4 pressure treated wood, etc. I also used it to put my new garage doors together (lots of screws).

        Thanks for the chime-in!


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          My V28 bandsaw arrived Friday. Saturday morning I used it for some personal projects. It was extremely quiet, very fast and well balanced. there was not enough cutting to be done to really test the run time factor but so far it has done well.

          Looking forward to recieving the free V28 1/2 inch impact wrench that came with the band saw purchase. Will post more after using the saw more extensively.
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