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Milwaukee's new 28volt cordless line

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  • Milwaukee's new 28volt cordless line

    I am a heavy duty member and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on them.
    I bet they are not too light in weight.
    So far the heavyest cordless tool I own is a 18v milwaukee hamer drill/driver
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    I tried Milw's V28 tools at a big red semi truck visit at my distributor two weeks ago and they are as light as my 18 volt tools but have super power. The circ saw runs and runs and does not bog down. Check them out at They beat Dewalt, Bosch and Makita 18's and 24 volt tools.


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      Eh dude.

      To answer your question directly.

      The tools with batteries attached are just slightly lighter than the 18V counterparts.

      The power virtually matches their corded tools.

      The freaking 28V sawzall is faster at cutting than the corded Sawzall (and if I am not mistaken they make the best corded Sawzall on the market).

      Have a nice day.


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        SMART A$$

        evidently you dont know what is inside the recip saws then, yeah it is the best at grinding away the gears slowly and they are the heaviest.

        I would hope that the Milwaukee 28 volt would beat a 18v or a 24 volt....LOL!!!! Some people amaze me.........


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          I have been professionally using reciprocating saws for about three decades. Milwaukees sawzalls have proven to be the best for hard core every day use. Hands down.

          Whether you want a shorter blade throw or stroke for tight work or a longer throw for working out in the open I have yet to use a better one. A few makers have been out first with handy gadgets such as quick blade release before Milwaukee but gimmicks dont pay my bills.

          Do I know exactly what the gear set up is in each saw? No. But I know what works and what has worked very, very well for a long time. The Sawzall does not burn up its gears quicker than any other.

          Yes the 28v are 50% stronger and weigh about the same as 18v. The charge lasts TWICE as long.It amazes me that there are actually people who think this is not consequental. Plus it is much lighter than the 24V that some makers used as a gimmick to pull in a few quick bucks.

          I would like to know the name and model number of any high amp draw tool besides Milwaukee thats used Litium Ion successfully. ( those baby rotary tools don't count. You can almost run them with a rubber band) I would also like to know if those companies are employing forced labor in communist countries to turn out those tools, or, if like Milwaukee they are making most of them right here in America where they employ fellow American citizens.
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            I have NO complaints with my Milwaukee sawzall. Among other things it has cut 2 old soli stacks out of houses that needed to be replaced. Mine is not used every day, but when it is used it is used hard!


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              Lets just hope they stay the best. The Red Ryobis will have to prove it to me. LOL
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                Packer......what the hell are you talking about. Maybe you have confused this thread with another.......

                The original question was "if anyone has any feedback on them. I bet they are not too light in weight."

                I answered the guys question. The thread is about his questions, not your comments on gears etc...

                I also told him that the power vitually matches CORDED TOOLS!! not the 18V or 24V. Those are for kids.

                Some people amaze me as well.....people like yourself.

                Have a nice day.

                [ 03-29-2005, 02:42 PM: Message edited by: SmartA$$ ]


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                  VWs and BMWs come out of the same building in Germany and they are not the same.

                  Ryobi is junk and every serious tool user knows it. Milwaukee hardly even tries for the do it yourselfer and have no plans to change that. You might see bits and pieces of Milwaukee technology trickle down to Ryobi but to call Milwaukee a red Ryobi is just nonsense. At least Milwaukee is still producing tools in 4 US factories and just recieved the Patriots award for their STELLAR treatment of our fighting forces who go into to harms way so you are free to buy your Chinese orange wobblers.

                  Ridge Tool reps dont want to even associate themselves with the orange portable power tools that bear their name because they are humiliated by them. Many professional tool suppliers wont even have them in their stores. Fact is that an American manufactured product is set to blow away the competition and everyone who invested in orange, yellow and blue China crap is trying to dismiss it. Give me the Ridge Tool Co.s pipe machining equipment any day. But keep the Chinese orange boat anchors far far away.
                  Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                    Are you having a bad tool day SmartA$$ I'll go in and make you some warm milk, and I have some hankies in the glove box whaile you wait.

                    Be safe out there folks.

                    Bob B.
                    Be safe out there folks
                    Bob B


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                      Good Morning Plumber, My first line says LETS HOPE THEY STAY THAT WAY. And I mean it. But like all the other tool companies we will just have to wait and see. Your statement that Ryobi tools are junk and every serious tool user knows it is a little off base. I do not have any Ryobi tools that i use on a daily basis for my work, but I do own quite a few for my home repair and hobby work and they are real good tools for that purpose. On occasion I do use my Ryobis for work, such as my 18v Reciprocating saw. If that was a tool that I used on a daily basis I would have a Milwaukee. I have a Craftsman corded that I have had for around 25 years and I have the new Ryobi. Both serve my uses excellently. Proffesionally one of my more frequently used tools is a 3/4" Milwaukee mag drill and I would not consider any other brand for a replacement if needed. I will hate to see it happen, but it will, milwaukee will be moved out of this country just like the rest of them if our government does not step in and put a stop to this crap. I am just afraid that will never happen because of all the "Special Interest" money that is floating around Washington DC. Hey Packers,"evidently you dont know what is inside the recip saws then, yeah it is the best at grinding away the gears slowly and they are the heaviest" Who have you been talking to, it surely wasn't anyone that knows anything about a Milwaukee Sawzall. LOL
                      info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                        Hi papadon,

                        Yes I was off base in calling all of Ryobi junk. They make some of the craftsman stuff that I have recently purchased for use around the house for personal projects and they do okay for light to moderate use, and their quality is a bit higher than a few years ago.. TTI has a brand for the residential user and wants Milwaukee for its high quality industrial ability. They also want the market that demands made in USA and they intend to expand that capacity according to a company rep this weekend.

                        Milwaukee has five tool plants here and have fully invested in them for many of their new tools. ( I learned of the fifth plant from a Milwaukee rep Saturday during their tool show.) Since cost is not always the prime motivating factor behind all heavy duty tool users, Milwaukee does not face the exact same pricing pressures as some of their competition. Hopefully they can stay here, I will support them while they are here just as I support Ridge Tool Co. pipe cutting tools because they are still here.

                        Note: If you get a chance to try out Milwaukees newest corded sawzall please do. I never dreamed a saw could cut so smoothly and so fast. Its rotating handle (not pivoting likt the hatchet) made cutting notches unbelievably easy and fast and will make overhead work much less tiring.

                        Note 2: I just found out that Delta still makes a lot of their professional and industrial quality shop equipment here in the good ole USA.. Wished the rumor mill would have been more accurate and some of my other purchases would have gone differently. I might be selling a brand new cabinet saw thats not fully put together yet just so I can get the made in USA from Delta. They have a really nice arm saw made here also.

                        [ 04-04-2005, 01:59 AM: Message edited by: plumber ]
                        Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                          As usual, Plumber is correct. That's because he speaks from experience. I recieved a flier from Milwaukee a few days ago regarding the 28 v. cordless tools. I was excited, because I, too, have always found their tools to be the best. I respect Plumber's opinion, and plan to buy the cordless bandsaw.

                          Thanks, Plumber
                          the dog


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                            Hey Plumber,

                            If Milwaukee is sooooo good, then why in the heck did they go belly up?? And then the Jap orange company you like to call them buy them out. Also, you said that they all made here in the good ol USA??? Wrong, they are mostly made in the over seas market....dont believe everything you hear....just look on the back of the tools that you buy...they say where they are made and assembled(well at least most of them do). Just because some are assembled here in the USA doesnt mean that they are made here. Another thing is that if they were really that good, then why did they close up 23 service centers in the USA?? Including the best one they had (IN MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN)????????????? go firgure!! I hope you like the orange floaters!


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                              Milwaukee is not belly up, they were bought out there is a very large difference.

                              I have never used the term "Jap" on this website.

                              I have said MOST of them are made in the USA, and they are. Yes production of some of their tools have left our shores and Milwaukee is aware of my personal feelings about it. I own very many of their tools and yes the vast majority of them are made here. Five (5)plants in the United States. If you count carefully you will find that it takes all the fingers and the thumb on one of your hands to go that high. Please don't get a headache.

                              I was not aware of any service centers closing as they are expanding their availability in my part of the country. It is a shame that they are not open and that people would rather buy from communist China than support their own country.

                              Ummm, anchors don't float.
                              Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.