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Ridgid Laminate Trimmer / Bosch Colt Palm Router

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  • Ridgid Laminate Trimmer / Bosch Colt Palm Router

    I noticed Bosch has a new tool out called BOSCH PR20EVSK COLTâ„¢ Palm Router rated @ 5.7 AMPS, 1 H.P.
    Ridgid's Laminate Trimmer has 6.0 AMPS, but they make no mention as Bosch does about the H.P.
    Wouldn't the Ridgid too be rated @ 1 H.P. ?

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    I don't know how they determine H.P. ratings in tools. Take a 5 horse power air compressor and compare it to a 5 HP shop vac. BIG difference in the size of the motors. My band saw is rated at 3/4 hp(I think) and the motor is 3 times the size of that whole trim routoer at 1 H.P.
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      About a year ago Lorax posted the following link. It might answer your question or confuse you further.

      Everything You Did Or Did Not Want To Know About Motors & Horsepower
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        Thanks for the replies
        and the website link, It helps.


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          I noticed that the new Colt Palm Router is made in Malaysia whereas the rest of the Bosch line of routers boasts the country of origin as the good old USA.