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  • Where are they?

    When are we going to see the new tools? I've dropped into 3 of the Home Depots here in Albuquerque and nothing yet.

    I figured we'd get a good look at them here on the website, but nothing yet...I'm interested in the laminate trimmer and cordless hand planer.

    Any idea when the details will be posted here, or when we can get our mitts on them in the stores?

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    I was told that all the new tools should be in the stores by christmas. I did see the worm drive circ saw today but that is all so far.


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      geuss what the new tools just arrived in my store i got a look at the cordless handplane a bada** looking tool and the right angle impact driver an very handy looking piece that i plan on picking up, the hand olane was 18v and impact driver 12v so they should be at the orange box now or very soon for you-all and you will be excited when you see them


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        I saw the right angle impact wrench as well. I think the price was around $170. It seems like a heavy duty tool, and heavy in the hand too. I didn't see if it came with a regular drill chuck so it could double as a right angle drill, and I don't think it was variable speed either. It also seemed kinda big compared to pnumatic ratches and I can't see myself fitting it in a lot of places in the engine bay.
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