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  • what's next?

    just bought the 4pc set, plan on over time replacing all my panasonic (which i love, and will still use), and dewalt (which i hate. want them)cordless tools. what other cordless tools does Ridgid plan on coming out with? I would like to end up with just one brand and one size battery. Would like to see a metal cutting saw like panasonic's and metal shears like dewalts.
    Also a heavy duty hammer drill/chipping hammer, and grinder would be nice.

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    I'll be glad to take those DeWalt tools you hate so much off your hands. Nothing I like better than free tools.
    Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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      I've owned 2 Dewalt 1/2 hammer drills and both lasted less then 5 months. Once you drop them they are garbage. I sent them to an authorized Dewalt service center. They worked intermitently after that. I swtched to Millwakee 18 volt 1/2 hammerdrill & sawzall combo kit. I have used & abused these tools for over 2 years & haven't had any problems other than a battery going bad. I,m hoping Rigid will make this same kit avalible at close to the same cost of 300.00 dollars.


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        Hey Glen,

        I know you've probably been busy what with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanakah (sp) and MLK Day but cmon. I've been waiting for almost 90 days now for those free DeWalt cordless tools.
        Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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          Badger---if you don't want the Panasonic---I'll take those.


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            What is going on with new cordless tools ? I would really like to see the zip saw and router . I do not use these tools that much so I think the cordless would be great . Ridgid roped me in with the warranty and now I want more !!


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              Hey mike

              you got snookered..




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                ya i would like to ee a cordless impacked drill like the one from makita and that hand saw that panasonic i think ridgid would kick some butt if they made these too.

                please send any info on this subject


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                  [img]tongue.gif[/img] Pssssst Glen, yooo Glen, I'm a patient fella but cmon, 9 months and still no package from UPS. Maybe ya better but a trace on it. I could have used those free DeWallys on my last little home improvement project.
                  Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.