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pneumatic nailers?

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    all i have to say is the real good corded ridgid isnt ridgid at all.


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      Safty is nothing to turn your head at.I learned this the hard way.I saw a man die in mississippi.this fela under a man that was doing top plates and brought the gun down with his finger on the triger and hit him in the this day I cant forget.

      Be safe out there folks.
      Bob B

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      Be safe out there folks
      Bob B


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        I am a HUGE fan of Ridgid tools, and I would consider their tools over almost any other, except for air tools. When it came to my air nailer purchases. I seriously considered the Ridgid tools, but I decided to go with the Porter Cable Air/Brad nailer/compressor kit, as well as their framing nailer due to price, reliability, and the fact that they all came with their own hard cases. PC makes good pneumatic tools and routers, but for everything else, Ridgid is at the top of my list.


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          hey badgerdave . what is a (crown stapler) ? is that a stapler that is designed to attach crown molding? no disrespect!


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            A lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty. when was providing the parts they were "johnny on the spot". I have not ordered anything from because i have a Ridgid table saw, Jointer, and band saw and have had no problems with them (except for my jointer out of the box which fixed on the spot!

            I have a PC pancake compressor and finishing nailer. I was looking at the ridgid brad nailer and framing nailer.

            I had my eye on the delta brad nailer/stapler combo. Never seen a pneumatic combo gun. I am skeptical.

            But the ridgid pneumatic tools look well made, and have a lifetime warranty.

            I do not make a living with my tools (yet), so if I were to buy ridgid and have to wait 3-4 weeks for parts, well i would not be happy, but they would be free!


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              I have been told by a number of people that a "Lifetime Warranty" may vary by state. This is to say that YOUR state may NOT recognize such a statement, and Ridgid (or any other mfg) would not have honor the implied agreement.
              Now I DO believe that they WOULD honor it on principal, but there is always that out.
              Funny ... lawyers always screw everything up !!! hehe


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                I just finished my first day using my new Ridgid R250SAF straight finish nailer and I got to say I was impressed. Baseboards and casing all day and not 1 misfire, jamb or problem. I found it light weight and well balanced. I know there has been a lot of discussion about this new line and I think they have a good product here. If you buy one, don't forget the extra coupon to register for the "Limited Lifetime" warranty. Don't know if it will really mean that much but I figure if they are offering it I will take it.
                If your gonna fix it right